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Title: 粵語與臺語、客語書寫系統的比較
Chinese Dialect Writing: A Comparison of Cantonese with Taiwanese and Hakka
Authors: 韓可龍
Henning Klöter
Michiaki Fujii
Jen-chun Wang
Keywords: 文字化
dialectal characters
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: 在漢語眾多方言中,粵語是唯一擁有豐富的文字化歷史的方言──粵語為何能夠一枝獨秀?這個疑問開啟了筆者研究粵語的興趣。但在研讀前人的粵語書寫研究的過程中,我們會發現針對文字本身的關注相對稀少,主因恐怕在於粵語文字長久以來僅被視為一種非正式的溝通方法,缺乏學術研究價值。然而,如果我們沒有深入追究粵語的方言字,其實很難真正理解粵語書寫系統如此特出且活躍的原因,以及它在方言文字學上的意義。 在《以漢字寫粵語》對粵語書寫系統全面性的歸納分析以及書中展示的粵語文字資料庫中,筆者發現了探討粵語書寫系統的另一種可能。用《以漢字寫粵語》一書作為基礎,本文將敘述粵語文字的發展歷史與其它的漢語方言有何異同,接著歸納出粵語文字的特質,更進一步將臺灣的客家語、閩南語書寫系統與粵語並列討論。 透過跨方言的比較研究,我們將發現粵語書寫之所以能有其他方言所不能及的榮景,除了特殊的歷史背景影響,由其使用者決定的文字機動性也是相當重要的成因。筆者認為粵語的成功典範可以是臺灣方言學界致力於方言書寫推廣時的借鏡。同時,本文也希望喚起更多對粵語文字的學術關注,希望它的文化價值能獲得應有的重視。
Among the different dialects of Chinese, Cantonese is the only one with a substantial written history. Why Cantonese and no other dialects? This is the question which aroused the writer’s interest to Cantonese. However, when looking into previous studies on Cantonese, we find that discussions on its dialectal characters are relatively few. The main reason could be that for a long time Cantonese characters are taken as only informal communication and not worthy of academic research. But the truth is if we don’t look deep into the dialectal characters in Cantonese, it’s hard to understand the uniqueness and vitality of written Cantonese, and its significance to studies of written dialects. In the comprehensive induction analysis to the orthographic conventions of Cantonese in The Representation of Cantonese with Chinese Characters and the written Cantonese database presented in the book, the writer found another possibility to investigate Cantonese characters. Based on the book, this thesis will compare the historical development of Cantonese with those of other written dialects. Then the writer will sum up the characteristics of written Cantonese, and further juxtapose written Cantonese with Taiwanese and Hakka. By cross-dialect comparison, we will find that besides the special history background, it was also the flexibility of form decided by users that led written Cantonese to prosperity other dialects couldn’t reach. This achievement of Cantonese can be the reference to Taiwanese dialect researchers when popularizing dialectal writings. Hopefully, the thesis will also draw more scholarly attention to Cantonese characters and their cultural value, because they deserve.
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