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Title: 包青天遇見福爾摩斯:《中國偵探案》故事之創新與承繼
Bao Qingtian Met Sherlock Holmes : The Innovation and Continuation of Detective Stories in Wu Jianren’s Zhongguo Zhentan An
Authors: 鄭怡庭
Zheng, Yi-ting
Lee, Yi-Chin
Keywords: 公案小說
Gongan novel
Sherlock Holmes
Zhongguo Zhentan An
Detective novel
Wu Jianren
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 描寫犯罪案件為主的作品,或帶有邏輯推論元素解決謎團、解開問題的作 品,在各種文學作品中都可見蹤跡,而在中國,有包青天作為中國公案小說長久以來的象徵,作品方面,《龍圖公案》則是明代一系列以辦案為中心的公案小說集大成者。在英國,1887年被創造出來的福爾摩斯 (Sherlock Holmes) 則是奠定西方偵探小說基礎的重要作品。兩者因為1896年《時務報》,相遇於晚清的中國。西方偵探小說以嚴密的邏輯推理和故事中許多西方的新事物獲得晚清讀者的喜愛。偵探小說受到晚清讀者歡迎的同時,中國原生的公案小說,也受到西方偵探小說刺激,產生了模仿和轉化。1907年,吳趼人編了《中國偵探案》,展現包青天遇見福爾摩斯後,激盪出來的火花。 本文以「案件」作為故事中心展開討論,試圖由以下幾個層面探討「包青天遇見福爾摩斯」的源起、過程及影響。第一章緒論說明論文研究背景與目的、研究方法及目前的研究概況;第二章則以《龍圖公案》為公案小說代表,並試圖整理福爾摩斯系列引入中國時期對西方偵探小說的定義,對照中西方不同文化如何處理案件;第三章則針對《中國偵探案》中,吳趼人吸收西方偵探小說元素後展現的特色說明西方偵探小說對公案小說的影響;第四章則是《中國偵探案》中,吳趼人保留,屬於公案小說的辦案手法及特色。第五章針對公案小說的辦案特色以及《中國偵探案》結合中西方辦案特色的表現做總結。 1896到1907十年間,以福爾摩斯到中國為起點,一直到《中國偵探案》的編成,如同目睹包青天如何遇見福爾摩斯,並為福爾摩斯所帶來的新事物衝擊,隨著衝擊而改變自己的模樣,回應福爾摩斯帶來的一切。
Stories related to crime case or mystery, logical thinking process, and problem solving appear in literary works all around the world. In China, there was Gongang navoel. Longtu Gongan was the most representative work of the entire Gongan novel genre with its main character Bao Qingtian. On the other side, Sherlock Holmes, born in England, was the profoundest foundation of detective novel. Sherlock Holmes was firstly translated on Chinese Progress in 1896, which was the initial meeting of Sherlock Holmes and Bao Qingtian. Sherlock Holmes and his counterparts attracted late Qing Chinese readers via their careful logic and new inventions from the West. Meanwhile, Gongan novel, influenced by detective novels, imitated and transformed. Eventually, in 1907, Wu Jianren compiled Zhongguo Zhentan An, presenting how Bao Qingtian responded to Sherlock Holmes’s influence. This thesis centers on the “cases” in stories, trying to deploy how Bao Qintian met Sherlock Holmes. Chapter one is the introduction, background, literature review and methodology. Chapter two re-defines Gongan novel and observes the similarities and differences between Longtu Gongan and Sherlock Holmes. Chapter three mainly discusses the obvious influence by Sherlock Holmes in Zhongguo Zhentan An, which is the innovation of Gongan novel. Chapter four are the remaining Gongan novel features in Zhongguo Zhentan An, representing the continuation of Gongan novel. Chapter five concludes the innovation and continuation of Gongan novel after detective novel was introduced. In 1896, Sherlock Holmes met Bao Qingtian. In the following ten years, Bao sometimes yielded to Sherlock Holmes’s exotic style, sometimes tried very hard to keep his own style. This thesis tries to locate all the process during their meeting, cultural shock, transformation and responses.
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