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Title: 李明博政府與朴槿惠政府對美、中政策之影響因素
The Influencing Factors of South Korea's Policies Toward the U.S. and China under the Lee Myung-bak Government and Park Geun-hye Government
Authors: 關弘昌
Kuan, Hung-Chang
Chou, Yen-Yi
Keywords: 層次分析法
levels of analysis
Lee Myung-bak
Park Geun-hye
U.S. policy
China policy
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: 本論文藉由層次分析法來探討李明博政府與朴槿惠政府對美、中政策之影響因素。在深入討論李明博與朴槿惠政府的美、中政策之前,本論文先對韓國冷戰結束後至2008年前的外交戰略、以及韓國與美國、中國以及美國與中國三者之間的關係進行討論。 對於李明博政府時期的對美、中政策,本論文將從領導人特質、韓國國內的政治與經濟、當時面臨的國際環境等影響因素著手,了解這些因素是如何影響韓國的對美、中政策。而朴槿惠政府時期的對美、中政策,也是從領導人特質、韓國國內因素、韓國面臨的國際因素來加以理解。本論文試圖從這兩任政府的比較之中來了解同是保守派政黨的兩任政府是否會因為不同的領導人特質、國內政治與經濟、以及國際環境而改變對美、中的政策。
This thesis analyzes the influencing factors of Lee Myung-bak’s and Park Geun-hye’s policies toward the United States and China through different levels of analysis. Before discussing the policies of Lee Myung-bak and Park Geun-hye in depth, it explores South Korea’s diplomatic strategy from the end of the Cold War to the post-2008 period and the bilateral relations between South Korea, the United States, and China. Then the thesis discusses the Lee Myung-bak government's policy toward the United States and China on the base of such factors as the leader’s characteristics, the political and economic situations in Korea, and the international environment at that time. The thesis also applies these factors to analyzes the policies toward the United States and China under the government of Park Geun-hye. By comparing the cases of the two governments, the thesis tries to understand whether the two governments with the same conservative party would change their policies towards the United States and China because of these factors.
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