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Title: 東亞國家民眾經濟評價之多層次分析
Multilevel Analysis of Economic Evaluations of People in the East Asian Countries
Authors: 林昌平
Lin, Chang-Ping
Chien, Shih-Yin
Keywords: 多層次分析
the multilevel analysis
economic evaluation
macro-level factor
micro-level factor
national income per capita
gross domestic product
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 本研究以多層次分析觀察總體經濟指標與個體層次因素對東亞民眾經濟評價的影響,其中東亞民眾經濟評價包括「對國家經濟狀況」和「對家庭經濟狀況」兩大類型。使用多層次分析可同時討論總體因素與個體因素所處不同層次的差異效果,以確保適當估計總體與個體變項之間的影響效果。本研究著重下列兩點探討,首先本文認為客觀的經濟指標表現對民眾經濟評價有正向的影響,包括國內生產毛額、人均國民所得、失業率和通貨膨脹年增率等,都會是影響民眾對國家與對家庭經濟評價的重要因素。其次,主觀的個體評價包括家庭所得、滿足生活基本需求、和認同政府對貧富皆一視同仁等,將被認為對人們於家庭經濟狀況滿意度有所影響。 實證結果顯示,人均國民所得比國內生產毛額對提升民眾經濟評價更有幫助,也就是影響民眾經濟評價是家庭經濟優於國家經濟。在主觀個體評價方面,家庭所得較高、有滿足食物、衣服和住所的基本需求、或是認同政府對貧富皆一視同仁的受訪者,對現今、過去國家和家庭的經濟狀況都感到滿意,對未來的經濟發展也感到樂觀。而在政治議題方面,顯現出越不民主自由的國家民眾,對於國家和家庭的經濟評價較高。
This study takes the multilevel analysis to estimate the impact of the general economic indicators and individual factors on the economic evaluation of the East Asian people. The application of multilevel analysis can simultaneously consider the difference between the macro-level and micro-level factors to ensure that the effects of variables can be properly measured and estimated. The empirical results show that the increase in national income per capita is more helpful than the growth in gross domestic product. That is, the impact of the family economy is superior to the national economy for the economic evaluation. In the case of subjective individual evaluations, respondents who agree that "family has a higher income" or "people have basic necessities like food, clothes, and shelter" or "rich and poor are treated equally by the government", are satisfied with the present and past economic situation for the country and the family. They are also optimistic about the future of economic development. In terms of political issues, it shows that people in the more undemocratic and non-free countries have a higher economic evaluation for the country and the family.
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