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Title: 太陽花運動的背景、發生原因與影響
The Background, Causes and Influences of the Sunflower Movement
Authors: 關弘昌
Kuan, Hung-chang
Chiou, Sin-Yu
Keywords: 太陽花運動
the Sunflower Movement
social movement
Cross-Strait Service Trade Agreement
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 摘要 2014年3月18日,在台灣發生了影響極其深遠的社會運動:太陽花運動,在這場社會運動中,學生因為國會強行通過兩岸服務貿易協定,憤而佔領立法院,部分群眾還佔領行政院,跟驅離的警察發生流血衝突。這場社會運動導致台灣社會各個階層極大的分歧與衝突,尤其是在世代之間的分歧最為明顯,青年世代顯著支持太陽花運動,而壯年以上的世代則正好相反。 本篇論文主要討論世代之間的差異是否為太陽花運動發生的主因之一。本論文先從太陽花運動發生前後的背景開始,分成歷史、經濟、社會、政治及國際五個層面來討論造成太陽花運動的潛在因子。其次,本論文也探討太陽花運動發生的原因,將焦點放在世代之間的社會結構、權力及功能整合上的差異,以及網路在太陽花運動中的運用。本論文最後詳述太陽花運動對台灣的影響,並聚焦在該運動對兩次大選:2014年的九合一選舉以及2016年總統、副總統和立法委員選舉的影響,尤其是台北市長的選戰、國會第三勢力的興起及青年參政。 關鍵字:太陽花運動、社會運動、世代、兩岸服務貿易協定
Abstract On March 18, 2014, The Sunflower Movement, had a great impact on society, took place in Taiwan. On the Sunflower Movement, because the congress passed the cross-strait trade in services agreement forcibly, the angry students occupied the legislature. Later, Part of the people occupied the Executive Yuan that resulted in bloody conflict with the police. This social movement has led to the extreme difference and conflict between social strata in Taiwan, especially among generations. Youth generations support the Sunflower Movement significantly, while the prime generation is the opposite. This thesis discusses whether the difference between generations is one of the main causes of Sunflower Movement, or not. At the beginning, discussing the background of the Sunflower Movement. It divided into historical, economic, social, political and international analyses to discuss the potential factors that contributed to the Sunflower Movement. Secondly, this thesis also probes into the causes of the Sunflower Movement, focusing on the differences between generations of the social structure, power and function integration, and the application of the Internet in the Sunflower Movement. Finally, this thesis details the influence of the Sunflower Movement in Taiwan, and focuses on the influence of this social movement on the nine-in-one election in 2014 and the election of the president, vice presidents and legislators in 2016, especially the mayor of Taipei Election, the third power of Congress and youth politics. Keywords: the Sunflower Movement, social movement, generation, Cross-Strait Service Trade Agreement
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