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dc.contributor.authorYao- Hui Changen_US
dc.description.abstract兵役制度乃國家補充兵源之制度,為軍隊戰力之根本來源,對國防力量影響甚鉅。國軍自實施「精實案」,衍生兵源過剩問題,為謀解決該問題,及維護兵役公平性,故研擬替代役制度將過剩兵源投入社會服務工作,提升公共服務品質。行政院於民國八十八年七月六日表示:規劃兵役替代役制度,應在國家安全之基礎上,秉持三項原則:一、不影響兵員補充。 二、不降低兵員素質。 三、不違背兵役公平。 替代役制度自八十九年七月實施至今已達四年,各界正、負評價互見。警察役為替代役中人數最多之類別,對人民生命財產有直接之影響。故本研究以警察役為替代役研究主軸,蒐集國內相關文獻、理論報告,採用吳定之政策研究架構,以及密特與洪恩之政策執行力模式,為本研究理論基礎。次就歐洲各國已實施替代役警察役制度之規範內容及法律命令,做整理與比較,瞭解我國與國外警察役之異同點。復探討警察役現況,包括人力素質、執法合法性、管理方式等,並對需用機關管理人員、警察役役男做深度訪談。 綜上,本文檢討我國替代役制度之重要內涵、執行現況及成效,並配合國軍提高募兵比例,對替代役--警察役提出建議,可做為未來政策修改考量之基礎。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractThe system of military service is a supplemental system of military strength, and seriously affects defense capability. After the system of military service changed in 1997, the manpower input is over output. The manpower is arranged to substitute military service. In order to strengthen the concern to the disadvantaged minority in the society, intensify the public security in the community and implement the maintenance of land and environment and improve the living quality of all citizens. The Ministry of Defense has integrated the military status and put the substitute military service into practice. The implementation of substitute military service can only be executed when there’s no obstruction in national defense that no supply of civil servant will be affected, no quality of civil servant will be reduced and no fairness of military service will be disobeyed. The substitute military service has been implemented in Taiwan since July 2000. Under substitute military service, police service has most people. But the police service has limited effects, for the low quality of manpower and the suspended enforcement of the law. This research uses literature analysis method, comparison method and interview method to study police service. First, collecting related laws, literatures and reports in Taiwan and in Europe, through policy study frame of Wu-Ding and execute model of Van Meter, D. S. and C. E. Van Horn, to compare and analysis the substitute service. By interviewing with the staffs of institutions and people of police service, the problems of substitute military service is found out. Subsequently, suggestions are provided to authorities.en_US
dc.subjectsubstitute serviceen_US
dc.subjectpolice serviceen_US
dc.titleThe Study on the Formulation and Implementation of the Substitute Military Service in Taiwan — Case Study of the Police Serviceen_US
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