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Title: 對黑格爾法哲學的辯證分析與反思
The Analysis and Reflection of Hegel's Philosophyof Right
Authors: 楊世雄
Yang Shih-Hsiung
Chen Wen-Cheng
Kuo Hung-te
Ethical Life
the State
The Spirit
World History
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: 黑格爾法哲學思想受到其辯證邏輯方法所統貫,首先以「抽象法」作為論證基礎,透過直接性與反思性、內在性與外在性的運用,導引出「道德」概念,再藉由二者間概念的綜合統一,構成「倫理」理念,這種「三合一」概念組成形式,正是黑格爾辯證法的典型。從廣義來說,黑格爾國家理論從屬於法哲學體系,因為國家屬於倫理理念,倫理理念則包括家庭、市民社會、國家與時代精神等範疇;但從狹義來說,國家作為世界歷史的主體,本身是家庭與市民社會的本質與真理,因此,黑格爾的法哲學其實正是國家哲學。本論文依據辯證邏輯:直接性、反思性與同一性的形式,以黑格爾國家學為出發點,申論其核心概念,另藉由包括康德、諾錫克、凱爾森與羅爾斯等四項差別理論的比較分析,綜合提出新的反思模式,並以之作為總結。
Hegel’s thought of “The Philosophy of Right” penetrated by his dialectic method. Firstly, “The Abstract Right” act as the basic grounds of argumentation, instructed the concept of “The Morality” , relies on the application of “ direction ” and “reflection”, “Interiority” and “exteriority”. Secondly, constructed the Idea of “The Ethical Life” by virtue of the synthesis of “The Abstract Right” and “The Morality”. This triad form of the former is the canonical use of Hegel’s dialectic, namely, the Hegelian triads. Broadly speaking, Hegel’s state theory is subordinated to the “Philosophy of Right” system. The category of Families, Civil Sociality and the State included to the Idea of “ Ethical life”. But in a narrow sense, the State served as the subject of World History, is the essence and truth of Families and Civil Sociality. For this reason, Hegel’s “Philosophy of Right” just equate to the “Philosophy of the State”. According to the dialectical logic that is the form of Direction, Reflection and Identity, this Dissertation will be beginning from Hegel’s “Staatswissenschaft” (Theory of the State) and inducing their primary notions of it. In the conclution, try to provide a new reflective scheme of the State theory by virtue of comparing with four major related theories of Immanuel Kant, Robert Nozick, Hans Kelsen and John Rawls.
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