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Title: 軟實力的競賽: 海峽兩岸對海外漢學推廣之比較(1978-2011)
The Cross-Strait Competition in Soft Power: A Comparative Study of the Promotion of Chinese Studies (1978-2011)
Authors: 黃城
Huang, Chen
Liau, Jane
Keywords: 軟實力
Soft Power
Chinese Studies
Joseph S. Nye
Confucius Institute
Taiwan Academy
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 隨著中國大陸政經實力的崛起,漢學軟實力(Soft Power)已成為全球矚目下,兩岸競合的下一波發展主力。2004年11月中國大陸在南韓首爾設立全球第一所孔子學院,截至2011年8月為止,全球已成立826所孔子學院及孔子課堂,孔子學院成為中華文化「走出去」的符號。而臺灣在2008年1月,馬英九先生競選總統時,選擇以「文化」為出發旗幟,推出文化為核心的全球佈局,宣示將在世界廣設臺灣書院以抗衡孔子學院,2011年10月在美國紐約、休士頓和洛杉磯揭牌成立,推廣「具有臺灣特色的中華文化」,展現臺灣民主、自由、經濟穩定發展的成果,希藉此重拾對「中華文化的論述權」。 本論文從奈伊(Joseph S. Nye)的軟實力理論出發,並利用其概念探析海峽兩岸(臺灣及中國大陸)對海外漢學推廣軟實力的運用,時間範圍界定在1978-2011年間,以改革開放後的中國大陸及臺美斷交後的臺灣做為研究對象,從歷史的角度出發,分析兩岸軟實力競賽的情形及臺灣如何突破官方外交困境,如何努力建構新的國際形象。期望透過本論文,能全面性和系統性的比較海峽兩岸在海外漢學推廣的成效。
After the rise of political and economical power from Mainland China, the soft power coming from developing Chinese studies has become a new strength of global politics. Starting from November 2004 when Mainland China set up the first Confucius Institute in Seoul, South Korea, as of August 2011 there has been 826 Confucius Institutes and Confucius classrooms set up throughout the world in 104 countries. Confucius Institute is seen as the symbol of China’s “Going global” strategy. In January 2008 when Mr. Ma Ying-jeou was running in the presidential election, he promoted the idea to have culture as the core of his foreign policy. In order to compete against Confucius Institute, the Republic of China government has established the Taiwan Academy in three cities, L.A., Houston and New York, in the U.S.A in October 2011 to promote Taiwan’s unique Chinese culture. This is on one hand to showcase Taiwan’s achievements of democracy, freedom and economic development, and on the other hand re-gain the main distributor role of Chinese culture. This dissertation sets out from Joseph Nye’s soft power theory and adapts this idea to explore how Taiwan and mainland China implement its soft power by promoting Chinese studies overseas. Ranging from 1978 to 2011, the dissertation focuses on analyzing the cross-strait competition between mainland China since the implementation of reform and open policy, and Taiwan after the break-off of diplomatic relationship with the US, her struggle and break-through despite of all the diplomacy difficulties, and her efforts to establish a new image around the globe. Through this comprehensive and systematic study, we will have a better understanding of the global effects generated by the international Chinese studies promotion across Taiwan Strait.
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