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Title: 司法違憲審查在台灣民主鞏固時期之角色分析
The Role of the Judicial Review during the Times of Taiwan Democratic Consolidation
Authors: 黃昭元博士
Jau-yuan Hwang
Wen-Cheng Chen
Wan-Chun Huang
Keywords: 民主化
democratic politics
democratic consolidation
judicial review
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: 憲法乃國家與人民的契約,現代民主國家,多以成文憲法來規範國家之權力行使,而司法違憲審查乃是憲法精神得以實踐與落實之機制。大法官會議為我國唯一之釋憲機關,肩負憲法賦予釋憲之重責大任,凡有關政府機關權限爭議問題及人權問題,最後仍須仰賴大法官解釋來解決,由此可知大法官解釋與民主鞏固之關係,相當密切。 台灣擁有豐富的文化及民主的社會,其歷史背景亦相當獨特,此為台灣政治值得研究之處。在台灣的政治發展過程中,存在著不少「政治問題」與「人權問題」,而司法違憲審查是否能扮演解決問題及促進民主的關鍵角色,乃為研究者甚為關注之議題。易言之,台灣在民主鞏固過程中,勢必有許多人權、政治與司法問題要面對及解決,而這些正是政治學者或相關領域學者應關切之處。因此,本論文欲從司法違憲審查對於人權保障與政治問題之解釋結果,來探討司法違憲審查在台灣民主鞏固時期之態度與立場。 由於每個國家均有其獨特的政治背景與歷史文化,是故,司法違憲審查的制度設計不盡相同,其對於民主鞏固扮演之角色定位亦不相同。本論文旨在探討及分析台灣的民主鞏固現況,透過民主鞏固理論及司法違憲審查的檢視、適用與反思,以政治學之立場,做一個深度的探討與分析,以期對於台灣民主鞏固現況及相關研究,能有所助益與貢獻。
For the modern democratic countries, all limitations on exercise of a state’s right are stipulated in its written constitution in order to protect the people’s rights from being infringed, and, the Judicial Review is the most important institution to make the spirit of the Constitution come true. According to the Constitution of the Republic of China, the Council of Grand Justices is the supreme and sole constructionist. They are vested with the authority to shoulders the heavy responsibilities of safeguard and support of the constitutional system. Taiwan is a “islands and islets” country, its political history is very special and unique, and, that is why the democratic consolidation of Taiwan deserved to be studied and researched. Democratic consolidation is a highly used but confused concept. Whether the concept can be elaborated into a more comprehensive theory in the field of the politics is still an issue. With the development of democratization, in 2000, party rotation has taken us into a new time. Even though the variety of national culture and the more democratic society reveal the achievement of democratization in Taiwan, but there are still many problems of political system and human rights. Every country has its own unique political background, history and culture, therefore, the design of the Judicial Review is different, and the role of the Judicial Review during the times of the democratic consolidation of Taiwan is also different. The purpose of this thesis is to discuss and analyze the situation about the democratic consolidation of Taiwan closely based on those theories concerning democratic consolidation and Judicial Review, in the hope of making some contributions to further relevant studies of the democratic consolidation of Taiwan and future the deepening of democracy.
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