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Title: 城市競爭力關鍵因子之探討-以高雄市2000-2010年發展為例
A Study on the Measurement for City Competitiveness Index System - An Example of Kaohsiung City’s Development 2000-2010
Authors: 紀俊臣 博士
Chi,chun-chen Ph.D.
Keywords: 全球化
city competitiveness
government efficiency
sustainable development
urban governance
urban competitive advantages
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: 城市競爭力(City Competitiveness),係指一個城市在競爭和發展的過程中與其他城市相比較所具有的吸引、爭奪、擁有、控制和轉化資源,爭奪、占領和控制市場,在創造價值,為其居民提供福利的能力。城市競爭力之理論基礎所概括範圍廣泛,包含:地區行銷、永續發展、城市治理;更進一步延伸發展,則是各國政府所關心的國家競爭力、全球競爭力。 全球化(Globalization)的影響,促使在國家體系下的各城市造成衝擊,國家或經濟體之間不斷衝擊彼此市場競爭,「全球城市」已超越國家,成為世界經濟、政治與文化的重要據點,並成為影響全球化走向的主要來源。 近年來各國學者,致力研究衡量各城市競爭力與全球競爭力排名,而地方經濟發展於近十年來,已成為臺灣經濟發展政策的重心,但目前尚無一套適合我國衡量城市競爭力之模式。本研究針對城市競爭力指標體系建構與運用之相關課題進行研究。在學理上,援引國家競爭力與城市競爭力等相關概念,並論述城市競爭力的多元價值取向,透過高雄市的發展作為實證案例之研究,以期建構具地方特性、可操作性的城市競爭力指標體系模式;並透過文獻研析與管理科學方式,建構衡量城市競爭力關鍵因素之架構與指標,針對於高雄市的個案研析,冀望探討出影響地方經濟發展策略之關鍵因素為何。綜合研究結果,據以提供我國政府與相關機構政策執行者之政策形成與執行之參考。
The City Competitiveness refers to a city in the process of competition and developing which compares with other cities has attraction of, competes for, own, control and the transformed resources, seizes, occupies and controls the market, in the creation value, the ability to provide welfare for its resident. The theoretical foundation of City Competitiveness is a quite wide range, which includes: The local marketing, Sustainable development, the urban government; further extends, the national competitiveness, the global competitiveness, which most concerned to all countries around the world. The impact of globalization produces an effect on the cities under a state, and market competition between countries or economies. "Global city" is beyond the country, as the world's important economic, political and cultural strongholds, and leads the direction of globalization. In recent years, scholars of the world committed to research the rankings of the National Competitiveness and the Global Competitiveness. Local Economic Development has become the central issue of Taiwan Government economic policy in recent ten years. However, three is no suitable model for measuring urban competitiveness. The study on related indicators of urban competitiveness include both fields of construction and application; references both of the national Competitiveness and City Competitiveness, exposition multiple value of City Competitiveness, an empirical case study of Kaohsiung City’s development; With a view constructing a pointer system model of City Competitiveness with local characteristics and practical operation. By means of document database analysis and management science, to construct the key factors of City Competitiveness, a case study of Kaohsiung City, find out the key factors that impact on local economic development strategy. Based above research, it might be a strong reference to policymaker and decision-making mechanism in decision process.
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