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dc.contributorChen Huangen_US
dc.contributor.authorShou-Zheng Wangen_US
dc.description.abstract全球化為現今21世紀的大趨勢,台灣電子產業的發展受到此趨勢之影響十分顯著,同時台海兩岸關係也不免受到全球化趨勢的牽動與台灣政局的更替而和緩許多,兩岸雙邊在政經社會等各方面的交流與互動亦日益熱絡。 然自一九七零年代起,台灣政府主導並積極發展電子產業,如今台灣電子產業業已取得在全球電子產業生產體系裡的重要關鍵地位,雖然受到後進各國的激烈競爭,但台灣電子產業迄今仍保有技術研發與製造生產上的優勢。 正當台灣電子產業在兩岸簽訂ECFA後,順利取得進軍中國大陸的優勢門票。台灣電子產業未來應如何與中國大陸繼續合作,避免與其作價格上的流血競爭。同時積極努力於產業發展的轉型,繼續保持與其他國家在技術研發與製造生產上的領先差距,以維持在全球電子產業生產體系的關鍵地位,並保有最佳的優勢。台灣與中國大陸兩地的電子產業未來統合狀況之良窳,將會是雙方在同業合作上是否成功的主要關鍵。 此外,積極經營中國大陸的消費市場,取得其重要的各項資源,開拓台灣電子產業的新興商機,台灣政府應積極鼓勵電子產業各個次產業的發展項目,均是台灣電子產業未來在全球化發展的重要議題。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractThe trend of globalization today in the 21st century, Taiwan's electronics industry development has been the impact of this trend is very significant, while cross-strait relations cannot help but be the trend of globalization will affect the replacement of Taiwan's political moderate many of cross-strait a bilateral political, economic, social all aspects of communication and interaction has become increasingly warm. However, since the 1970s, the Taiwan government-led and actively to the development of electronics industry, and now Taiwan's electronics industry has been made a key position in the global electronics industry production system, despite fierce competition in backward countries, but Taiwan's electronics industry so far retain the advantages of the technology R& D and manufacturing. While Taiwan's electronics industry after Taiwan and China signed ECFA, successfully obtain advantages tickets to enter the Chinese mainland. Taiwan's electronics industry should be how the Chinese mainland to continue to cooperate, to avoid the bloody competition for price. Positive efforts in the transformation of industrial development, continue to maintain a leading gap with other countries in technology R & D and manufacturing in order to maintain a key position inthe global electronics industry production system, and retain the best advantage. Both Taiwan and mainland China electronics industry in the future integration of virtue or vice of the situation, will be the two sides in the same industry to the success of key. In addition, the active business of mainland China's consumer market, and obtain the resources to develop the emerging business opportunities in Taiwan's electronics industry, the Taiwan government should actively encourage the development projects of the various industries of the electronics industry. There are many Taiwan's electronics industry in the development of globalization issues.en_US
dc.subjectTaiwan's electronics industryen_US
dc.subjectthe foundryen_US
dc.subjectthe ECFAen_US
dc.subjectcross-strait relationsen_US
dc.titleAfter Taiwan and China signed the ECFA , Taiwan Electronics industry in development of globalization ~ As the example to the United Microelectronics Corporation(UMC) in Taiwanen_US
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