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Title: 台灣糧食安全政策之研究
A Research on Food Security Policy in Taiwan
Authors: 王冠雄
Kuan-Hsiung Wang
Keywords: 非傳統安全
Non-traditional security
Food security
Food crisis
Taiwan agriculture policy
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 隨著全球化的進程,軍事力量不再是世界各國矚目的重要焦點,現今全球重視非傳統安全的各方面問題遠高於傳統安全問題,糧食安全問題即是屬於非傳統安全之一環。特別在2008年糧食危機爆發後,糧食安全更是各國積極加強其安全度及預防危機的焦點。 台灣現今的糧食綜合自給率約在32%左右,主食稻米維持在90%上下,其他重要穀類如:小麥、玉米和大豆自給率都僅在2%以下。與歐美日韓國家相比,自給率偏低很多,甚至有逐年下降之趨勢。雖然政府正朝提高自給率之政策進行,但台灣內部的農業狀況面臨了許多困境必須有所調整才能提高自給率以加強我國糧食安全。 本研究是以非傳統安全中的糧食安全概念為主軸來貫串全文,並且探討2008年全球糧食危機發生的原因,以及在糧食市場不穩定的大環境下台灣農業概況為何,農業糧食政策面臨了哪些困境,政策該朝哪方面進行修正與調整,皆為本文探討之要點。
As the on-going process of globalization, military force is no longer an important element of security of the world. It is emphasized that various aspects of non-traditional security is much higher than traditional security issues. Food security is one of the non-traditional security issues. Particularly after the outbreak of the food crisis in 2008, food security became a focus which more countries paid more attention just want to prevent food crisis. Taiwan’s food self-sufficiency rate is about 32%, rice, as one of the primary food, is maintained at the level of 90%. Other important cereals, such as wheat, corn and soybean, which self-sufficiency rate are only 2%. Taiwan’s food self-sufficiency is declining and much lower than other countries, such as USA, EU, Japan, and Korea. Although the government is improving food self-sufficiency rate, the agricultural situation in Taiwan has faced many problems which must be adjusted in order to improve self-sufficiency rate and enhance the food security. This research is based on the concept of food security under the framework of non-traditional security. This thesis is going to explore the reason behind global food crisis in 2008 and the problems of Taiwan's agriculture situation facing, and how the policy should be adjusted.
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