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Title: 中國大陸觀光客來台旅遊對其民主意識影響之研究
A study about the Influence of Democratic Consciousness on Chinese Tourists Coming to Taiwan
Authors: 范世平
Fan, Shih-Ping
Chen, Ying-Ju
Keywords: 中國觀光客
Chinese Tourist
Political Socialization
Political communication
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 陸客來台至今,受關注的焦點大多在於旅遊產業的合作對兩岸關係的影響,陸客在台的消費行為能為台灣帶來多少商機,更是甚受矚目的話題。陸客來台旅遊期間,對台灣民眾參與公共事務的觀察,加上唾手可得的媒體資訊,對其民主意識及政治態度的影響,將可能造成不容小覷的衝擊與改變,更可能在內心建構下意識的文化認同感,甚至回國後與親友分享旅遊期間之民主生活經驗及感受。 本文認為,有關對於陸客的民主意識影響之探討仍較少成為討論焦點,但絕對為深具研究價值的議題。本研究採「文獻分析法」與「問卷調查法」相輔,主要目的為回顧重要之政治態度與民主態度調查、以及陸客出境旅遊與陸客來台相關文獻,分析陸客來台旅遊之發展沿革及觀光行程分析,並且以問卷調查,了解陸客觀光過程對民主生活感受之感受,最後以政治學理論分析陸客來台體驗民主生活後的感受,了解對其民主意識造成之影響。
Since Chinese tourists coming to Taiwan, people almost pay attention on relationship between cross-Strait relations and traveling cooperation. Not to mention the issue of commercial potential is more topical. During Chinese people traveling in Taiwan, they will observe the process of Taiwanese people participate in public affairs. Extremely easy to obtain information from medium may not only effect their democratic consciousness and political attitude but also change their subconscious culture densifications. They even may share with friends and family in democratic life experience after they go back. The influence of Chinese tourists’ democratic consciousness is not in popular demand, but it must be a valuable discussion. This study use content analysis and questionnaire survey to research. First, review dissertations of political attitude, democratic attitude, Chinese outbound traveling, and Chinese coming to Taiwan. Second, analyzing the development of Chinese Tourists come to Taiwan, and understands their feeling in democratic life style by questionnaire survey. Finally, analyze their experience by political theory to comprehend the effect of their democratic consciousness.
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