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Titel: 我國家庭暴力防治政策之研究─以台北市為例
The Prevention and Cure Policy of Domestic Violence in Taipei City
Autoren: 陳文政
Chen, Wen-Cheng
Lin, Hsiao-Wen
Stichwörter: 家庭暴力
Domestic Violence
Policy Window
Policy Implementation
Policy Evaluation
Erscheinungsdatum: 2010
Zusammenfassung:   1993年鄧如雯事件引起了社會對於家庭暴力的討論,也使得家庭暴力防治政策的政策窗開啟。而家庭暴力防治法自1998年6月24日公布後,挑戰了法不入家門的界線傳統觀念,也促使得各縣市政府對於家庭暴力防治法去擬定了相關的防治政策。然而在家庭暴力法施行十年左右期間,家庭暴力事件並沒有因為家庭暴力防治法的產生而消失在社會上。在政府每年提供預算、扮演監督家庭暴力防治網絡執行人員的角色,並且實務上有大批的專業人士,如:社工、警察…等人力資源投入執行家庭暴力防治政策的情況下。由政府所開出的這艘家庭暴力防治的船是否能夠徹底去破除中國人冰凍三尺的「法不入家門」、「家醜不外揚」的冰山?以及拯救在家庭暴力危機之中載浮載沉的被害人呢?筆者希望藉由政策的規範面以及實務的評估來對於家庭暴力政策提出相關的問題及建議。
  The Deng Ruwen event in 1993 has leaded the society with huge discussions over the domestic abuse. It also leaded the starting point of the reinforcement to prevent the domestic violence. The domestic violence prevention act has been carried out since June 24, 1998. It has challenged and conflicted with the tradition ideas such as “family matters do not proceed with the law”. It also has drawn attentions to various counterparts of government officials in the relation of preventing domestic violence.Even though the domestic abuse law has been there for about ten year period, providing that there have been dedicated budget and acting personals from the government such as social workers and police officers, the domestic abuse has not vanished in the society. It is important to investigate that whether the taken actions can break the rock-solid tradition views from our Chinese ancestors - “family matters do not proceed with the law” and “the skeleton in closet does not spread” – or not. The research also focuses on the effects brought to the victims of domestic abuses by the corresponding laws. The author has made suggestions based on both the proposed regulations and laws and realistic evaluation, which are detailed in the text.
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