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dc.description.abstract從2008年的第七屆立法委員選舉開始,我國的立法委員選舉制度即邁入另一個新的里程碑。立法委員選舉制度會有三項重要的改變: 第一, 立法委員席次將原有的225席次減為113席(區域立委73人、平地和山地原住民立委各為3人、不分區立委34人); 第二, 區域立法委員選區重新劃分,將直轄縣市、縣市共劃分成73個選舉區; 第三, 原來所施行的複數選區單記非讓渡投票制(Single Non-Transferable Vote under Multi-Member-District;SNTV-MMD),改為單一選區兩票(Single-Member District and Two-Vote System;SMD-TVS)並立制(Separated Two-Vote System)。 新選舉制度的實施可能會影響選舉的過程及結果,諸如各政黨候選人提名策略與宣傳方式等,更甚影響至各政黨之內部紀律。由於選重劃足以造成各政黨勢力變化,影響各候選人之競選策略,進而可能造成民主政治上重大變化,故本研究將針對我國選舉制度改變之後,立法委員候選人競選策略是否有所改變作探討。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractSince 2008, the time of beginning of the 7th legislator election, our election system of the Legislator would change into the new milestone. There are three critical changes in election system of the Legislator: First, the members of Legislative Yuan would were cut from 225 seats to 113 seats (73 seats for the electoral districts, 6 seats for theindigenaus peoples, and 34 seats for the party lists). Second, the new rule reorganized the electoral district of District Legislators. It dividesed the special municipalities, counties, and provincial cities in Taiwan into totally 73 electoral districts. Third,the new rule changed the way from the Single Non-Transferable Vote under Multi-Member-District (SNTV-MMD) to the Single-Member District and Two-Vote System (SMD-TVS), and also established the Separated Two-Vote System. The implement of the new election system may affect the process and the results of the election such as the strategies for each party to nominate their candidates and the way of propaganda. Moreover, the implement of the new election system would affect the internal discipline of each party. Reorganization of the electoral district may cause the change of one party’s power comparing to other parties, affect the campaigning strategies of the candidates of Legislator, and moreover, lead to the significant changes in democracy politics. Therefore, this research would focus on the issue whether the candidates of legislator would change their campaigning strategies after the electoral system change in Taiwan.en_US
dc.subjectThe Single Member District and Two-Vote Systemen_US
dc.subjectCampaign Strategyen_US
dc.titleThe Influence of the Electoral system Change on Legislator’s Campaigning Strategies–A caused of the 7th Election of Legislator in 6th District in Taipei City .en_US
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