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Title: 文化資產的活化與再利用─ 以紅樓劇場為例
The Rehabilitation and Reuse of Culture Assets - A Case Study of Red Playhouse
Authors: 黃東益
Huang, Tong-yi
Yang, Jia-Jane
Keywords: 文化資產
Culture Assets
Reuse of Deserted Space
Red Playhouse
Paperwindmill Cultural Foundation
Issue Date: 2007
Abstract: 文化資產的活化與再利用受到公部門操作影響甚鉅,直至2002年行政院所訂定的「挑戰2008- 國家發展重點計劃」中,由文化創意產業的思維整合「文化」與「產業」為標的。 然而,當政府推動某向志業時會有其困難度,需要一個中介去經營管理與進行規劃,而非營利組織可以成為結合政府與文化創意產業之媒介。文化創意產業具多元、複雜等商業特質,當非營利組織經營文化創意產業時,是要堅守使命,還是要追隨市場?如何能夠追求市場的浪頭,卻不出賣靈魂,進而鞏固其永續發展。 因此,本文使用文獻分析法與深度訪談法,探討紅樓的內部經營與對外關係,以提供未來發展之具體建議。經由個案檢證後發現,在文化與經濟的權衡下,紙風車文教基金會僅於能力範圍內追求理想,而溝通尊重以達更多合作與信任。從紅樓的活化與再利用的過程中,持續朝向文化創意產業的經營之道,卻使紅樓的未來有者不確定規劃方向,這當中則提醒主事者必須重新審視兩者之關係,並且對未來實際狀況作一審慎考量。
Abstract The rehabilitation and reuse of culture assets were exerted a tremendous influence by the government. Since Executive Yuan started to promote the policy of “Challenging 2008: The Focal Point of National Development” in 2002, the “Culture” and “Industry” has been combined in the thinking of Culture Creative Industries as its target. However, the government will have its difficulties while promoting some aspirations, and it will need an intermediary to go for management and carry on planning, then Non-profit Organizations can become the media of combining the government and Culture Creative Industries. Cultural Creative Industries are plural, complicated commercial specialties. As Culture Creative Industries are operated by Nonprofit Organizations, Will they stand for the mission, or follow the market? How can they pursue the wave on the market, but don’t betray their soul, then strengthen sustainable development. This research was focused on case study based on qualitative analysis, literature review and depth interview, discussing inner management and external relations in Red Playhouse, in order to offer the concrete suggestion of development in the future. In accordance with this case, Paperwindmill Cultural Foundation pursues its ideal in the scope of the capability, communicating with each other could obtain the trust and cooperation. From the rehabilitation and reuse of Red Playhouse, it continues to move towards the road of Culture Creative Industries continuously, however, it will be no definite answer in the future. Thus, it will remind the front office to examine both relations carefully, and must to considerate the actual condition in the future
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