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Title: 政治貪腐與經濟成長的關連性分析— 2000~2008年台灣與中國個案比較探討
An Analysis on Correlation between Political Corruption and Economic Growth — A Comparison Study of Taiwan and China From 2000 to 2008
Authors: 曲兆祥
Qu, Zhao Xiang
Shen, Yuan-Hsing
Keywords: 中國大陸
Economic Growth
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: 政治貪腐對世界上任何國家來說都是相當棘手的問題,兩岸也不例外。許多經濟學家認為貪腐對經濟成長是有害處的,然而另有一派學者認為在東亞地區,貪腐反而有助於經濟成長,並稱此現象為「東亞弔詭」。本文之研究目的在探討2000~2008年之間中國大陸與台灣是否也存在「東亞弔詭」的現象?並分析兩地經濟趨勢、貪腐成因及貪腐對經濟成長之作用為何,試圖找出遏止貪腐的方法。
Political Corruption is believed to be a tough proposition all around the world, including the both two sides across Taiwan Straits. Some economists claim that corruption will do no good to economic growth in a country, while some other groups of scholars think the opposite way, calling this phenomenon “The East Asian Paradox.” The purpose of this research is to investigate if the “East Asian Paradox” exists in Taiwan and Mainland China, by means of analyzing the economic trends, the factors of corruption in these two countries. In the last part of the essay, the author tries to decide how corruption has influenced economic growth and how to, efficiently, inhibit political corruption.
Other Identifiers: GN060136001F
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