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Title: 品格教育融入國中國文教學之行動研究-----以「尊重」、「感恩」、「節制」為主題
The Action Research of Character Education Involved in Junior High School Chinese Teaching :Focusing on “Respect”, “Gratitude” and “Self-control”
Authors: 黃惟饒博士
Dr. Huang, Wei- Jao
Hsu, Shu-Fang
Keywords: 尊重
Character Education
Chinese Teaching
Action Research
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 本研究採取行動研究法,旨在於了解品格教育融入國中七年級國文教學之實施過程,並探討品格教育課程方案的實施對學生的影響,及教師在品格教育行動研究後的省思與成長。 研究者以任教班級之39位學生為研究對象,進行一學期的「尊重」、「感恩」與「節制」為核心的品格教育行動研究。在研究初期邀請三位研究夥伴,於98年9月進行第一循環品格教育課程方案,經過討論、省思、修正後,於98年10月至11月進行第二循環課程方案,再經過討論、省思、修正後,於98年12月進行第二循環課程方案。行動歷程以提昇學生在「尊重」、「感恩」與「節制」的品格表現為主題,過程中以學生的學習情形與品格行為表現,來調整方案內容與教學方式。 研究中,藉由教師的教學、觀察、省思紀錄、學生的學習單與家長的回饋單等資料,歸納出本研究所得到的幾項結論如下: 壹、在教學方面: 一、品格教育方案安排融入了國中國文的教學的主題,使成效更彰顯 二、品格教育方案可以多元化活動呈現,且提升學生的學習興趣和參與度 貳、在學生方面: 一、學生在品格觀念的認知上,得以更清楚且強化品格行為 二、學生日常與同儕相處更懂得尊重和同理周遭人、事、物 三、學生的品格態度改變也擴展延伸至家庭內 參、在教師方面: 一、品格教育提高了班級經營的績效 二、品格教育的實施讓師生互動更頻繁活絡 三、因此形成教師專業社群
National Taiwan Normal University Graduate Institute of Political Science Title of thesis:The Action Research of Character Education Involved in Junior High School Chinese Teaching :Focusing on “Respect”, “Gratitude” and “Self-control” Student:Hsu, Shu-Fang Advisor:Dr. Huang, Wei- Jao Abstract By adopting action research method, this research aims at understanding the process of character education for the seventh graders in a junior high school. It also explores the impact of character education on the students and the teacher’s introspection and growth after the implementation of character education. The research subjects are 39 students in the researcher’s class. The teaching program lasted for a semester . The researcher invited three partners to join the research on the initial stage. The first circulation action research was conducted in September, 2009. After discussing, thinking, and revising, the researcher carried on the second circulation action research from October to November, 2009.Then,after discussing, thinking, and revising, the researcher carried on the third circulation action in December, 2009. The purpose of this research is to promote students' character in terms of respect , gratitude and self-control. According to students' studying status and behavior after implementation, we adjusted the scheme content and teaching mode. While researching, with the teacher's teaching log, observation report, reflection record, students' worksheets and parental feedbacks, the researcher analyzed and summed up several conclusions as follows: The effects on the teaching: 1.The arrangement of character education programs involves in the topics of junior high school Chinese learning, and make the effectiveness more obvious. 2.The program of character education can be shown with diversified activities and promotes students’ learning motivation and participation. The effects on students: 1.Students get the cognition of chacater concept ,so can be more clearly strengthen the character of behavior. 2 .Students daily know how to respect and empathize with people around to get along with peers 3. Student's better character expands and spreads to the family The effects on the teaching: 1.The program of character education promotes classroom management effectively. 2. The implementation of character education enable teachers and students to have more frequent interaction between teachers and students. 3. Therefore, a professional community of teachers is formed. 【Keywords】Respect、Gratitude、self-control、Character Education、 Chinese Teaching、Action Research
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