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Title: 《自由中國》雜誌與台灣黨外運動發展之研究
A Study of “Free China” Magazine and the Development of Tangwai Movement in Taiwan
Authors: 黃城博士
Huang, Chen Ph.D.
Lu, Yi-Jung
Keywords: 雷震
Lei Zhen
Free China
Chinese Democratic Party
Tangwai Movement
Issue Date: 2006
Abstract: 1949年中華民國政府播遷台灣,隨著政府來台的大陸自由主義知識份子,此時也將自由民主的種子散播至台灣,《自由中國》便是在這樣的時空背景下創刊。《自由中國》半月刊創刊於1949年11月20日,至1960年9月1日發行最後一期為止,一共發行了將近11年,是1950年代最具代表性的政論雜誌。   《自由中國》創刊之初,與中華民國政府的互動關係良好,然而,《自由中國》的自由民主理念卻和當時蔣介石急欲建立的黨國威權體制背道而馳,因此,《自由中國》與中華民國政府的關係乃逐漸惡化,於是《自由中國》跨出了純粹言論刊物的本質,進一步尋求理念的實踐,至此,《自由中國》遂成為籌組反對黨的機關刊物。   本文從《自由中國》的核心人物、基本理念及組黨運動等三方面進行分析,藉此了解台灣當時的政治及思想層面的開展過程,進而探究《自由中國》在台灣黨外運動發展中的地位及其影響。
The R.O.C. government migrate Taiwan in 1949. The mainland liberalism intellectuals who followed the government also disseminated the seed of the freedom and democracy to Taiwan at that time. "Free China" started publication under a background on such space-time. "Free China" the semimonthly began to publish on November 20, 1949, issued the last on September 1, 1960, altogether had issued nearly for 11 years. It is the most representative political criticism magazine of 1950's. At the beginning when "Free China" started publication, the interactive relation between "Free China" and the R.O.C. government was good. However, the free and democratic idea of "Free China" and Chiang Kai-shek's hurried country's authoritative system of party that wanted to set up ran in the opposite direction at that time. Therefore, the relation between "Free China" and the R.O.C. government was gradually worsening. Then "Free China" stepped out the essence of the pure speech publication, sought practice of the idea further. So far, "Free China" then became the organization publication that raises a set of opposition party. This text analyses "Free China" from three respects, including the key persons, the basic idea and the organization party movement. Besides, this thesis aims to understand the development process of the politics and the thought aspect at that time in Taiwan by this, and then probe into the status and influence of "Free China" in the development of Tangwai movement in Taiwan.
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