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Title: 後ECFA時代的兩岸政治關係
The Cross-strait Relations in Post ECFA Era
Authors: 宋國誠
Kuo Chen Sung
Shih I Hsu
Keywords: 後ECFA
post ECFA
spherical nation
third constitution
cross-strait governance
cross-strait civilian society
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: 自馬英九主政之後,兩岸在尊重並承認「九二共識」的前提下,重啟了「兩岸兩會」談判,並於2010年6月簽署了「海峽兩岸經濟合作框架協定」(ECFA),兩岸關係進入了1949年以來難得一見和平穩定發展的新時期。「兩會協商」已完成其歷史性的階段任務,ECFA的簽署是兩岸政治關係的里程碑,在經濟合作需要政治力量的支撐與保護下,兩岸過去的經濟性、事務性的經貿交流已告一段落,現已開始進入政治性、實質性政治互動的準備與過渡階段,也就是進入「由經入社」、「由社入政」的階段;這是一個新階段,包涵對舊時代的超越和修正,也包括新時代的特徵與挑戰,且在前後兩個階段之間是一種既有聯繫、也有轉變的關係。 本文在結合「球體國家理論」與「第三憲法理論」的基礎上,提出「兩岸治理」概念,並以作為「後ECFA」時期的兩岸政治定位。基於「兩會模式」已取得成效,以及兩岸「第三社會」的形成,已為「兩岸治理」提供了條件,兩岸應通過互助、互信、互賴的治理機制,建立兩岸統合治理的新思維和新作為,在以民為本的前提下平穩的進行「公民服務」,在危機時期啟動「風險治理」,創造興安治危的新局面,既可服務兩岸人民,建構出理性和平的「兩岸公民社會」,亦可化解未來兩岸可能出現的危機。
Since Ma Ying-jeou came into power, Taiwan and Mainland China have resumed negotiation of “Cross Strait, Two Conferences” under the premise of respecting and admitting “1992 consensus”, and signed “Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement” (ECFA) in June, 2010. Thus, the cross-strait relations have entered into a peacefully and stably developing new period which is hard to see since 1949. “Two conferences negotiation” has completed its historical phased mission; the signing of ECFA is a milestone in the cross-strait political relations. Under the circumstance that economic cooperation needs the support and protection of political power, the previous economic and transactional cross-strait trade exchanges have come to a conclusion and now enter into a preparatory and transitional stage in which political and substantial political interactions occur, that is entering into a stage “from economy to society”, “from society to politics”; this is a new stage, including the surpassing and revising of old age as well as the characteristic and challenge of new age, and there are both connections and changes between the two stages. This paper proposes the concept of “cross-strait governance” on the basis of “spherical nation theory” and “third constitution theory”, and regards it as the cross-strait political positioning in post ECFA Era. The achievements made by “Two conferences mode” as well as the formation of “third society” between Taiwan and Mainland China, have provided conditions for “cross-strait governance”. Both Taiwan and Mainland China should establish the new thinking and act of cross-strait comprehensive governance through the mechanism of mutual assistance, mutual trust and mutual dependence, and steadily carry out “civilian service” under the premise of “people oriented”, launch “risk governance” in case of the crisis, create a new peaceful situation without risk, which can not only serve the people both in Taiwan and Mainland China and construct a rational and peaceful “cross-strait civilian society ”, but also defuse the cross-strait crisis that may possibly happen in the future.
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