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Title: 我國獨立機關與國會關係之研究-以公平會為例
A Study on the Relationship between the Independent Agency and Congress in Taiwan –The Case of the Fair Trade Commission
Authors: 陳文政
Chen, Wen-Cheng Ph.D.
Chang, Chih-Ping
Keywords: 獨立機關
Independent Agencies
congressional relationship
Fair Trade Commission
congressional operation
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: 獨立機關之特性為獨立性與專業性,因公平會為我國獨立機關,又近期進行組織改造及修法等多項與國會相關工作,本文擬探究獨立機關與國會之關係,並期對獨立機關應如何加強獨立性,及公平會應如何加強國會關係作出建議。 本文之章節安排,係由權力分立及權力制衡等學理基礎,探討獨立機關之本質及其獨立性,並說明我國三個獨立機關之現況及其組織運作之比較。其次,分析民國101年至102年間,公平會與立法院有關總質詢、業務報告、預算與法案審查及立法院行使人事同意權情形,並從理論、法制及實務三面向檢討公平會與立法院之關係,最後提出研究發現並具體建議如下: 一、獨立機關應修法加強財務自主性,以增加獨立性,建議比照司法院之預算編列,以彰顯獨立機關之獨立性。 二、獨立機關應修法排除訴願,由法院作適法性監督,期修法達成行政處分逕提行政訴訟之目標,以加強其獨立性。 三、獨立機關首長應重視國會聯絡業務,並加強與立法院溝通協調,以利法案及預算之遂行,使政務能順利推展。 四、公平會應比照通傳會修改處務規程,將國會與新聞聯繫列為主任秘書職掌。 五、公平會應重視宣導,加強競爭倡議及媒體溝通,以回應行政監督與立法監督。
The main characteristics of an independent agency are independency and professionalism. To cope with the government reform, the Fair Trade Commission (FTC), one of nation’s independent agencies, has been under a series of reorganization works recently, including law amendment and institutional restructuring. This essay will examine the relationship between independent agencies and the Congress. Recommendations will be also proposed to the FTC on how to enhance the independency and strengthen the relationship with the Legislative Yuan (Congress). The thesis will be unfolded as following. First of all, based on political theories, such as the principle of separation of powers and checks-and-balances, the thesis will review the essence of independency of independent agencies and illustrate the institutional structures of the three independent agencies. In addition, I will compare the organic operations of the three agencies. Secondly, the author will analyze the agenda of the Legislative Yuan (Congress) containing the general interpellation, administration debriefing, budget and law reviews, and the Commissioner appointments of the FTC from 2012 to 2013. Furthermore, this thesis reviewed the relationship between the FTC and Congress from theoretic, juristic, and practical aspects. Lastly, this thesis will suggest five findings: First, the independency of independent agencies should be enhanced by strengthening their financial autonomy. It suggests that the independent agencies might modify their budget preparation process by following the Judicial Yuan's example. Second, the Administrative Appeal Act should be amended to let the court supervise the administrative activities of the FTC. Third, the head of the independent agencies should place importance on relationship with the Congress and strengthen liaison with the Legislative Yuan to boost the passage of bills and budgets. Fourth, the FTC should amend its Statute Governing the Department Affairs to assign the congressional and the press liaison to the Chief Secretary. Finally, in response to administrative and legislative supervision, the FTC should enhance advocacy of the Fair Trade Act and strengthen communication with the media.
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