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Titel: 我國大學評鑑制度設計與實務運作之分析~以95年度大學評鑑為例
The Institutional Establishment and Practice of University Evaluation in Taiwan -Based on the program evaluation in 2006
Autoren: 陳文政博士
Stichwörter: 大學
University Evaluation
University Act
University Rules
The Higher Education Evaluation& Accreditation Council of Taiwan
Erscheinungsdatum: 2009
Zusammenfassung: 本研究旨在瞭解我國推動大學評鑑的背景與目的、先進國家高等教育評鑑的機制與啟示、我國大學評鑑的制度設計與運作及我國大學評鑑相關問題,採文獻分析法及比較研究法,探討我國推動大學評鑑之法理基礎與背景、評鑑制度的架構、內容、運作及檢討,並藉由美、英、日先進國家大學評鑑制度的比較,進行研究分析。 本研究得到的結論為我國為因應少子化及全球化推動大學評鑑;其次,先進國家美、英、日的大學評鑑制度設計與運作值得參考,特別在強調大學自我評鑑、自我管制及評鑑機構也要受評鑑等;再者,我國大學評鑑制度設計實施已有相關法令規範,評鑑作業則委託高教評鑑中心辦理,不過在執行上仍存在若干問題,如「大學評鑑辦法」逾越大學法授權、高教評鑑中心辦理系所評鑑侵犯大學自治、高教評鑑中心的客觀性與公正性不足與我國大學系所評鑑對大學助益有限。 根據結論提出建議,包括以機構評鑑取代系所評鑑、大學評鑑與大學退場脫勾、應有多家評鑑機構辦理大學評鑑、高教評鑑中心亦應接受評鑑、聘請有名望之退休教授及國外學者擔任評鑑委員及評鑑小組成員對於委員會決議如有不同意見,應該可以撰寫不同意見書並公告。
The purposes of this research are to find out the background and the objective of university evaluation in Taiwan. In addition, the higher education evaluation was formulated and executed in some developed countries. The institutional establishment, the practice and the problems of university evaluation in Taiwan are also included. Both literature review and comparative research methods are adopted in this thesis. Furthermore, this study includes analyzing the university evaluations of some developed countries, like the United States, the United Kingdom and Japan . There are several findings of the study. First, the university evaluation in Taiwan was set up due to the influences on the trend of few children and globalization. Then, the formation and practice of university evaluation in some developed countries, including America, UK and Japan could be our reference and examples. It also emphasized that every university should do regular self-evaluation, self-control and the Higher Education& Accreditation Council of Taiwan should be supervised. Besides, the university evaluation in Taiwan is run by regulations and the Higher Education & Accreditation Council of Taiwan, which is authorized to execute the process. However, the university evaluation in Taiwan has some following drawbacks in the process. The University Evaluation Rules promulgated by the Ministry of Education, excessing the authorization of the University Law. In the evaluation process, the Higher Education & Accreditation Council of Taiwan infringes upon university autonomy and deficient in objectivity or fairness. Universities get limited improvement from the evaluation mechanism in Taiwan. Hereupon, the study makes suggestions as following. The object of university evaluation should be the whole university instead of the department, and separate the evaluation policy from terminate universities. More institutions could be allowed to execute university evaluation. Besides, the Higher Education& Accreditation Council of Taiwan should be evaluated. For facilitating fairness of the evaluation, it is better to assign the retired professors or foreign scholars who have good reputation as evaluators. Moreover, if the evaluators have different opinion with the committee, they have right to issue the dissenting opinions about the evaluation reports.
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