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Title: 臺北大眾運輸系統票證整合影響因子之分析-議價模型之應用
Authors: 李長晏博士
Keywords: 議價模型
Game-Theoretic Model
Taipei Mass Rapid Transit Corporation
Ticketing System Integration
Public Sector
Private Sector
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: 本文希望透過議價模型的應用,並且以臺北大眾運輸系統中的票證整合為分析案例,從中探討公部門與私部門之間的互動關係,並且透過介紹港美日三地的大眾運輸系統的票證制度來作一個簡要介紹,希望可以透過這介紹能得到一個較為初步的認識,並可以了解我國跟他們之間的相同點及相異之處,最後透過訪談的方式來探求來了解臺北大眾運輸系統中公部門與私部門雙方在進行票證整合之時,對於票證整合的各種看法來探討它們彼此認知上的異同之處,來作一有效的分析,以幫助本論文的完成。
The paper aims to explore the interaction between the public sector and private sector through the application of Game-Theoretic Model, taking the ticketing system integration of Taipei Public Transportation as a case for analysis. Furthermore, the paper will make a brief introduction through introducing ticketing system integration to the public transportation system among Hong Kong, USA and Japan. We anticipate to provide a comparatively preliminary understanding on the similarities and differences between Taiwan and them with this introduction. Finally, with the approach of interview, we explore and understand the similarities and the differences on their recognition on the various perspectives on the ticketing system integration from the public sector and private sector of Taipei Public Transportation, on which the paper conducts an effective analysis to assist in the completion of the paper.
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