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Title: 我國大專校院軍訓教育變革之研究(1995-2007)
Authors: 陳文政
Keywords: 軍訓教育
Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: 校所名稱:國立台灣師範大學政治學研究所國家事務與管理專班 論文題目:我國大專校院軍訓教育變革之研究(1995-2007) 畢業時間:2008(九十六學年度第二學期碩士學位論文摘要) 研究生姓名:白怡昌 指導教授:陳文政博士 論文摘要: 軍訓教育的存在有其歷史因素及價值,隨著台灣民主化,軍訓教官在校園的角色亦產生質變,從單純的軍訓授課轉變成為目前所肩負的學生事務、校園服務、緊急救助等工作,提供學生必要之協助。此一現況,實不能以歷史原罪予以否定。 2004年教育部推動「軍訓制度改進方案」,2006年10月某大學教官參與倒扁活動引發爭議,教育部長杜正勝表示:大學教官退出校園。一時之間,有關軍訓教官在校園的存廢問題,又成坊間熱門話題。尤其,大學軍訓教官將依照「屆齡退休,遇缺不補」的政策逐年縮減,原有工作則由替代遞補人力接手。此一政策實施不僅影響現職大學軍訓教官,連帶各高中職校及各階層軍訓組織之編制員額與組織架構都必須隨之調整因應,可說是推動「軍訓制度改進」以來最大之變革。 本研究主要是以軍訓教育在台實施現況及現階段變革為探討範圍,並針對「軍訓制度改進方案」實施後,對校園安全及軍訓教官之影響做一探討與分析,主要之研究發現如下: 壹、軍訓課程雖取得法源依據,但大學是否列入必修仍由大學自主; 惟全民國防教育列入高中職校必修仍有爭議 貳、公私立大學對於教官退出校園,基於經費來源及人力運用有不同 看法 參、國防通識課程全面取代軍訓課程仍有執行上之差異 肆、教官退出校園,僅是以退伍教官取代現役教官,而非實質退出校 園 伍、軍訓教官文職化,非學校現行所急需且亦無法獲得教官認同 陸、軍訓教官同工不同酬
National Taiwan Normal University Graduate Institute of Political Science Title of Thesis:A Study the change educated in military training of university in Taiwan, Republic of China(1995-2007) Student:Pai ,I-Chang Advisor:Chen,Wen-Cheng Ph.D. Abstract: The existence of the education of military training has its own value and historical factors. As the democratization of Taiwan, the role of military training drillmasters in schools has changed from teaching simple military training lessons to shouldering the student business, campus servings, emergent helps, and providing students the necessary helps. The present situation above can hardly be denied by the culpa of history. The Ministry of Education launched〝the project of military training improvement〞in 2004, and the minister of education, Tu Cheng-sheng, said‘Academic drillmasters withdraw campuses.’while a university drillmaster took part in a deposal action in October of 2006. At that time, the questions about military training drillmasters’ existence had been popular-discussed with people. Especially according to the policy ‘ages retire and meet lack mend’the number of academic military training drillmasters will decrease year by year and their work will be replaced to fill a vacant post or position. This policy influences not only military training drillmasters in universities but also every high school, college, members of each military training organization echelons, and systems of organizations, so they need to be adjusted. As a result, it is says that the biggest revolution of boosting “the improvement of military training.” This research is mainly treating the area about the present situation of military training education and the current revolution. After “the project of military training improvement” comes into effect, and analyzing the school safety and the affection of military training drillmasters, the main research as follow: 1. Though the military training has had the basis of the law, the decision of whether it becomes a compulsory course still decided by universities. Except for the all-people defend education be included in high school’s compulsory course still at issue. 2. The public universities and private universities have different opinions on academic drillmasters withdraw campuses and the origin of funds and the use of manpower. 3. General military studies course replaced military training course still have difference paid to carry out in an all-round way. 4. The drillmaster withdraws from the campus, and replaced the active service drillmaster with the demobilized drillmaster, but not the essence withdraws from the campus. 5. Drillmaster's civilian post of military training, it is not schools need currently and also unable to get a agreement from drillmasters. 6. Military training drillmasters do the same works but have different wages. 【Keywords】Education of military training, General military studies, Defence education of all people, Revolution of organization
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