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dc.contributorChi, Chun-chenen_US
dc.contributor.authorCherng, Hann-Chengen_US
dc.description.abstract本研究主要論述內容為公民投票理論、發展過程及影響;介紹世界各國實施公民投票情形、相關問題及其影響;我國公民投票法之立法過程;我國實施公民投票之實例評析及影響等,並對公投在我國實施之困境、迷思及未來之發展,所作之整理研究提出相關研究發現及建議,盼對日後公投法之修訂及實施能更周全完善。 我國公民投票法於2003年11月27日立法院三讀通過,12月31日總統依法公布,2004年1月1日施行,為開啟我國民主進步的里程碑。公投法實施前後所舉辦公投共計29個公投案例:實施前有關經濟、環保及統獨等公投議題22個及實施後之全國第一個地方性高雄市國中小學公投議題1個、全國性強化國防等公投議題6個。就實施過程、結果、所生之問題及影響作分析評述,並就研究所得提出數項建議,盼供有識之士參考: 壹、事先司法審查公投法案。 貳、採納諮詢性公投。 參、實施人民對憲法創制與複決之機制。 肆、尊重政府行政部門擁有公民投票發動權。 伍、妥適修訂公民投票連署門檻限制,以反映直接民意。 陸、公民創制以法案創制與原則創制並存,公民複決採人民主動 之任意性複決。 柒、公民投票範圍有無體制內、外區別由民意決定。 捌、我國公民投票之實施,因國情不同應注意國內外情勢發展,爭取國際認同及支持,以避免製造兩岸情勢緊張及不安。 公民投票法之施行代表我國主權在民的落實。公民投票並不能解決所有的問題,對於政治背景複雜、高政治性國際地位爭議問題,尚有未盡周全之處,如易淪為政治操手,變成民主假相,尤甚者帶來兩岸衝突造成社會不安,故執政者需以高度智慧慬慎行之。 總之,公民投票對於我國民主具有重要影響,更冀望由過去公投實施之累積經驗,依社會環境,時代變遷,能不斷適時檢討修正,符合實務所需,以作為日後公投施行成為最完善、最妥適之民主最佳典範。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractThis study features mainly four parts-the first part focuses on the voting theores, development process and the influence of the referendum, the second part on the introduction of the practices, the related issues and the influences of the referendum around the world, the third part on the legalization process of referendum in our Country, as well as the fourth part on the evalution and review of the referendum practices in Taiwan. Finally we try to put forward the foundings and suggestions from the study, hoping they will help deal with those difficulties and puzzles which we may face in the future during the referendum pratices and thus make them more complete and concise afterwards. The law of referendums was passed through the third reading of the legistrative Yuan on 27th Nov., 2003. Then it was announced by The President on 31, Dec., and put in effect on 1. Jan., 2004. It is indeed a milestone of our major progress toward the democracy. Before and after the referendum was put in effect, there were 29 referendum praticses in Taiwan, including 22 practices (before the referendum in effect) for the economy, environment protection and Union Vs. Independence…etc, one ( after the referendum in effect ) for the first ever done locally in Kao-Hsiung city on the issues of the Primary schools and the Junior high schools, 6 ( after the referendum in effect ) for the National issues-such as the enhancement of national defence, issues across the Strait…etc. After the evalutions and discussions on the application process, results, issues and effects as aroused from the referendums, We offer some suggestions to those related people wish talents and insights as reference. They are as follows: -1. The referendums should be reviewed by the judiciary process before they are put to practice. -2. The adoption of the consultative referendum. -3. The application of the merchanism on the constitutionally required initiatives and the referendum. -4. To respect the right of the referendum proposition by the government. -5. Properly revise the limits on the joint signature of the referendum so as to directly reflect the opinions of the public. -6. Popular initiatives on the co-existence of the legistrative initiatives and the principle initiatives; Popular referendums based on the optional initiatives of the people. -7. Constitutional and non-constitutional referendums should be decided by the public. -8. Due to the variations of the national interests and the internationally situational development, we will have to search for the global reconition and support before the application of the referendum, so as not to stimulate the intensity across the Strait. The application of the referendum symbolizes the illustration of the rights of the citizens. Certainly the referendum does not mean to solve all the problems. As we know, the highly politically complicated issues, and the international issues, are apt to be manipulated by the politicians in their own interests, as a result, they will only become the phony democracy. And what is worse, they may bring the conflicts social upset across the Strait. Therefore those in power while apply the referendum should be more intelligent and cautious. To Sum up, the referendum has a deep and profound influence on our way to democracy. Hopefully, through the past experiences from the referendum practices in Taiwan, we will gradually set the most complete and concise mode of the referendum practice as enough to meet any kind of the coming changes and challenges from the social situations.en_US
dc.subjectdeliberative democracyen_US
dc.subjectoptional Initiativesen_US
dc.subjectdual democracyen_US
dc.titleThe Drafting and Practic of Referendum in Taiwanen_US
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