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Title: 多元文化主義實踐的考察:臺灣本土化潮流下客家運動之研究
A Study of Multiculturism : Hakka Movement under the Localization Movement in Taiwan
Authors: 黃東益博士
Tong-Yi Huang ,Ph. D.
Keywords: 多元文化主義
Localization Movement
Hakka Movement
Aborigines Movement
Issue Date: 2006
Abstract: 本文旨在研究多元文化主義概念在臺灣的實踐,一般來說,多元文化主義乃討論一個多族群社會裡,對不同文化群體的重視,以及如何維繫一個平等且互相尊重的和諧狀態;而本文透過完整回顧臺灣本土化運動的脈絡檢證統治者與民間社會如何回應多元族群社會的事實,以及如何落實多元文化政策之研究發現,在臺灣本土化浪潮中「客家運動」的經驗為臺灣多元文化主義的實踐立下了良好的典範,她促使整個臺灣社會面對不同文化群體差異、以及因差異反映在政治層面上所產生的不正義問題,進而迫使政府在政治承認上確認多元族群的社會型態,以及維持多元族群之差異與確保其平等之責任,清楚標示出多元文化主義作為國家民族統治的概念及其必要性,成為人民與國家之間的承諾,使臺灣社會更進一步朝多元文化之正常發展。
The focus of this thesis is to study multiculturism in Taiwan. Multiculturism refers to the civility that different cultural groups demonstrate to each other the ways for maintaining harmony, equality, and mutual-respect in a multi-ethnic society. Through a complete review of the progress of the Localization Movement of Taiwan, this study documents how the decision makers and the public have responded to the reality of the multicultural society. Furthermore, as the government implements policies that embrace multiculturism, this study reveals that the experience of the Hakka Movement sets a positive example for the multicultural trends of the Localization Movement in Taiwan. The Hakka Movement has made the society face the differences among different cultural groups and the political injustices caused by such differences. This fact has forced the government to politically acknowledge the existence of this multi-ethnic society and to uphold its responsibilty to maintaining equality. It has become necessary to publicize the concept of multiculturism which is a promise between the citizens and the state, so that the society can progress and continue on the path of multiculturism.
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