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Title: 政府政策行銷與媒體互動關係之研究 ─以公共關係理論為觀點
The Research of Policy Marketing and Public Relationship of Thesis on the Interaction of Government and Media
Authors: 黃人傑博士
Huang, Jen-cheih, Ph.D.
Keywords: 政策行銷
policy marketing
media relationship
public relationship
the fourth power(the fourth estate)
Issue Date: 2007
Abstract: 國內政治民主化及開放報禁(媒體)後,媒體如雨後春筍般的蓬勃發展,如何維繫政府與媒體間良性且具監督的良好互動關係,將政府計畫推動之各項政策,運用媒體廣大且深遠的傳播力量,以正面及支持的態度,將重大的施政理念與信息傳達給全國民眾,以順利推動各項政策,不只是社會民眾所殷切之期盼,亦為政府機關應予重視之重要課題。 本研究分以下章節:第一章、緒論:闡明研究動機與目的、內容與流程、研究方法與架構、範圍與限制及名詞釋義與文獻探討。第二章、相關政策行銷概念與應用:探討行銷概念的擴大應用、政策行銷基本概念、組合及模式。第三章、公共關係理論與政策行銷:探討公共關係、政府公共關係、第四權(第四階級)等理論及公共關係與政策行銷等議題。第四章、政府與媒體之功能角色:探討政府、媒體之角色及功能、政府與媒體需求、政府與媒體互動。第五章、改善政府政策行銷與媒體互動關係策略:探討政策行銷與媒體互動個案、合作之策略、新聞處理作業機制、暨形象塑造策略。第六章、結論:將本論文的研究發現、建議及展望作總結。 作者認為,媒體除了協助及支持政府推動公共政策外,亦應積極扮演第四權的角色,以監督政府作好各項施政作為。
The media in Taiwan was sprouted and boomed, after its political democratization and free of press (media). The relationship on how to maintain a good and supervised interactive relationship between government and media, and with the positive and support attitude by the strength of mass media, transmitting the vital government policy and information to the people, enabling government to promote all planned policies smoothly. It is not only to be anticipated by the people, but also to be paid attention by all government officials as an important topic of study. The structures of this thesis are as under: Chapter 1. -- Preface Interpreting the motivation and purpose of study Contents and procedure of study Methods and structure of study Sphere and limitation of study The definition of keywords and literature research Chapter 2. -- The research of related policy marketing theory Studying the application for marketing concept Basic concept of policy marketing The combination of policy marketing Mode of policy marketing Chapter 3. -- The research of public relationship The theory of public relationship The theory of government public relationship The research of the fourth power (the fourth estate) theory The policy marketing and public relationship Chapter 4. -- Function of role for government and media Interacting mode between government and media Role and function of media Role and function of government Government and media demands The media’s role in the policy marketing Chapter 5. -- Current situation and problem analyses The interaction of policy marketing and media The interpretation of policy marketing Current situation of government press operation Current interacting analyses between government and media The Causes and problems of policy marketing Chapter 6. -- Policy on how to improve the relationship between government and media. Interacting between government and media. Set-up standard of operation Tactics of forming an organizations image Tactics between policy marketing and media cooperation Chapter 7. -- Conclusion Study to discover Study to suggest Visions for future study In my personal opinion, excepting assist and support government to promote public policy, the media should positively play the role of the fourth power (the fourth estate), to supervise the government doing a good job for all administrative works.
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