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Title: 大台北地區女性立法委員當選因素之探討──以第六屆立法委員選舉為例
Discussion the Campaign Winning Factors of Women Legislators in the Great Taipei Areas -the Sixth Legislator Election for Example.
Authors: 謝登旺博士
Keywords: 女性立法委員
Legislator of women
winning factor
women role
legislator election
Issue Date: 2006
Abstract: 立法院是我國各政黨政治權力競逐的重要舞台,亦是政治人物參選的重要標的。女性立法委員在國會殿堂為民喉舌的人數,亦是我國女性參政的象徵指標。本研究選取大台北地區(台北市、台北縣)第六屆區域立委選舉女性立委當選人為研究對象,目的在於探究女性立委在區域選舉當選獲勝的內部因素與外部因素,藉以提出女性立委當選操作模式策進之道,增加女性在立法院問政席次的比重,為提高區域女性立法委員的當選席次建言。 本文首先由文獻分析出發,探討選舉相關研究,在前人學術研究的基礎上前進;其次對於第六屆立法委員選舉情境作分析,概論選戰期間的政治環境、評析大台北地區政治版圖、陳述研究對象選情;第三,採行焦點團體法與深度訪談法為研究主軸,訪問研究對象與社會菁英,透過訪談記錄的整理,瞭解女性角色在女性立法委員當選因素中的助力與阻力,探討女性立法委員當選最重要的內部因素與外部因素;最後,預測女性候選人面對第七屆立法委員改為單一選區的新制所可能受到的衝擊。 綜合文獻分析、焦點團體與深度訪談的研究結果,女性角色在女性立法委員當選因素中的助力為女性候選人配合選區氣氛及個人條件,適度展現女性溫暖的特質,吸引選民認同;而阻力在於女性議題常未能引起大眾傳媒的共鳴,對於爭取女性選民的成效上受到限制,但若女性具有現任民代的專業身份即能擺脫女性角色的困境,與男性一同競爭,是為研究發現之一。在女性立法委員當選最重要的內部因素與外部因素方面,研究對象認為影響女性立委當選最重要的內部因素是個人特質,次要因素是政治優勢,第三是選舉行銷;認為影響女性立委當選最重要的外部因素是政治氣氛,其次為選區競爭,第三是危機處理,是為研究發現之二。對於女性立法委員面臨第七屆選制的變革所受的衝擊,若從兩性競爭的觀點,女性立委候選人將面臨不利的局面,但具有媒體形象、社會活動力與資源整合能力三項優秀條件的女性立委候選人則不見得不利,是為研究發現之三。 根據上述研究發現,本研究提出以個人特質、政治優勢、政治氣氛、選區競爭、選舉行銷與危機處理等內外部因素連結的女性立法委員當選模式路徑圖,試圖建立女性立法委員成功當選模式。
The Legislative Yuan is the important power stage that political parties compete for in our country, and is the main target of every politician’s campaign. The women legislators in Congress represent all of the women of our country who participate in government and political affairs. In order to study the internal and external factors of a winning campaign, I chose the women legislators of the Sixth Legislative Yuan in the greater Taipei area as the subjects in this research for the purpose of increasing the number of women legislators and constructing a winning campaign model for them. First, in this article I discussed some other relative researches using a document analysis method. Second, I analyzed the campaign of the sixth legislative election, including the political environments of the greater Taipei area and the research subjects in this campaign. Third, I wrote down and arranged records by interviewing the research subjects and social elites using a focus group method and conducting in-depth interviews. This research really helped me to understand the beneficial and detrimental powers for women to be legislators. I also discovered the important internal and external factors to help women candidates create a successful campaign. Finally, I will predict the influence that women candidates will have in the seventh legislative campaign of single member districts. Integrating the research results of the documents and interview records, the advantages for women legislators while campaigning is their feminine warmth and tenderness that will bring harmony within the election precinct atmosphere, which will attract the voters. On the other hand, the disadvantage is that issues about women often fail to create a sympathetic response of media, which is unfavorable in attracting women voters. However, the first discovery in this research is that if women have political identities, they will free themselves from their stereotypical female roles and be able to compete with males. Regarding the most important internal and external factors for women legislators to be elected, the most important internal factors are as follows: personality, political advantage, and election marketing. The most important external ones are as follows: political atmosphere, precinct competition, and crisis decision making. This is the second discovery of the research. The third discovery is that women legislative candidates will face unfavorable competition between men and women because of the change of the election system for the seventh election; however, it is not unfavorable for those women candidates who have good images, social energies and outstanding abilities to integrate their resources. According to these results, I will propose an outline of the linking factors–personality, political advantage, political atmosphere, precinct competition, election marketing, and crisis decision making for women legislative candidates–in order to create a winning and successful campaign model for women legislators.
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