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Title: 實施議論文寫作活動提升國小學生論證與寫作能力
Other Titles: Fostering Elementary School Students' Argumentation and Argumentative Writing Skills through Argumentative Writing Activities
Authors: 張緯文 林樹聲
Wei-Wen Chang Shu-Sheng Lin
Issue Date: Apr-2014
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學科學教育中心
Science Education Center,National Normal University
Abstract: 本研究旨在應用議論文寫作活動提升國小學生論證與寫作能力。研究採單組前、後測設計,對象為台灣中部地區某國小31名六年級學生。教學以「國光石他的興建」為主題,進行為期3週,每週2節課的活動。學生在教學前、後,分別針對「國光石化的興建、風力發電機設置」兩個議題,進行議論文寫作。研究結果顯示:在「國光石他的興建」中,學生提出論點、反論點、反駁與論證總分,後測平均得分均顯著高於前測。(< p.05),寫作能力後測平均得分亦顯著高於前測。<p.01);「風力發電機的設置」中,除了提出論點外,學生提出反論點、反駁與論證總分,後測平均得分均顯著高於前測。(p<.05) ,寫作能力後測平均得分亦顯著高於前測(p<.01) 。這表示經由議論文寫作教學活動,學生能將習得的論證與寫作能力應用到其他議題,展現學習遷移的一面
The purpose of the study was to improve the sixthgraders' argumentation and writing skills through argumentative writing activities. The study adopted one-group pretest-posttest design. Thirty-one students received 3-week instructional treatment, two hours each week. The unit is “ The establishment of Kuo-Kuang petrochemical industry", in which the students learned the knowledge about the issue,argumentation skills and argumentative writing skills. Before and after the teaching, the students were asked to complete two respective learning sheets of argumentative writing on different socioscientific issues一“The establishment of Kuo-Kuang petrochemical industry" and “ the use of wind power". Data analysis was conducted by qualitative analysis and t-test. The results revealed that after the teaching, the students had significant improvements in constructing counterarguments, rebuttals and total scores forargumentation in two ofthe issues(p<.05),but had significant improvements in constructing counterarguments arguments only in the issue of"The establishment of Kuo-Kuang petrochemical industry".In addition,there existed significant improvements in constructing Chinese rhetoric,contents,text structure and total socres for argumentative writing after the teaching.Suggestions for teaching argumentation skills and argumentative writing skills were discussed.
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