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Title: 從權力平衡觀點論中東區域安全- 以敘利亞內戰問題為例
From the Balance of Power Approach to Analyze the Regional Security of Middle East: A Case Study on Syria Civil War
Authors: 曲兆祥
Chu, Chao-Hsiang
Huang, Kuan-Chu
Keywords: 中東區域安全
Regional Security of Middle East
Arab Spring
Syria Civil War
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract:  中東一直是國際政治版圖的焦點,近年阿拉伯之春席捲中東後,除了面臨體制的民主轉型,區域安全情勢更面臨全面性的挑戰。而2011年開始的敘利亞內戰造成數以萬計的敘利亞人民傷亡及流離失所,外加各方強權和教派勢力相互抗衡,更讓敘利亞成為國際關切的焦點。 權力平衡是現實主義中分析國際現勢的重要理論之一,本論文希望可透過權力平衡的視野來探討中東區域安全,首先分析在國際體系下的中東政治發展,而另一方面探討影響中東區域安全的主要因素,最後針對現今持續進行的敘利亞內戰問題來做更進一步的個案分析,藉以釐清敘利亞問題對中東區域安全的影響和區域內外部強權的競逐關係。
The Middle East has been the core of international politics, especially after the Arab Spring swept through the Middle East recently, in addition to facing the democratic transition system, the regional security of Middle East also encounters the comprehensive challenge. The Syria Civil War began in 2011and the war has caused thousands of casualties and refugees. Besides, because different powers and religions’ parties compete against each other, Syria has sparked the international concern. The thesis aims to discuss the regional security of the Middle East through the perspective of balance of power. Firstly, to analyze the international system of political development in Middle East. On the other hand, to discuss the main factors which influence the regional security of Middle East. At last, after make the further analysis of the on-going Syria Civil War as the case study, we can clarify the linkage between the crisis of Syria and the regional security of Middle East and the contested relations of internal and external powers in Middle East.
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