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Title: 政府機關政策行銷之研究-以推動塑膠限用政策為例
The Study on Policy Marketing of Government in Taiwan-A Case Study on "The policy of Restricting Use of Plastic Shopping Bags and Disposable Plastic Tableware"
Authors: 紀 俊 臣 博士
Chi, Chun-chen Ph. D.
Lee, Yung-heng
Keywords: 〔關鍵詞〕企業行銷
Issue Date: 2005
Abstract: 論文摘要: 本研究旨在探討政府機關在推動公共政策時,藉由政策行銷的執行,使政策推動為之順遂,並以行政院環境保護署「購物用塑膠袋及塑膠類(含保麗龍)免洗餐具限制使用政策」為個案,從民眾的角度來檢視其政策行銷之成效。 在政策行銷的演進過程中,自早期的行銷理論基礎,由企業行銷開始到社會行銷及政策行銷的發展均為探討的內容,尤其在行銷觀念擴大化後,其涵蓋範圍除了營利組織、非營利組織外,更擴及至公部門;因此乃經由個案檢視提出研究發現與建議。 以限塑政策的個案來闡述理論過程中,係透過量化方式由全國性的問卷調查來瞭解政策行銷之成效,並且先提出三項研究假設,以台灣地區不同背景(性別、年齡、教育程度、工作職業、居住地區)之民眾對限塑政策的行為、生活習慣、滿意度上有正面效果及不同行銷模式的宣導成效,提出有效的行銷工具,並驗證假設之成立與否。 本研究亦提出對政府機關的建議:政府機關在推行政策過程中,應建立持續執行的機制,而不因為政務官的異動,影響政策執行的延續性;並持續進行教育宣導,同時與其他部會的協調配合,也是政策推行成功的關鍵之一,另將政策行銷納入公共政策的規劃中及採行宣導成效高的模式來推展,以為執行之順遂。
Abstract The Purpose of this research is to survey the marketing strategy utilization way of the public policy and to seek for the most effective marketing methods and tools to provide recommendations toward the further public policy making and implementation. In this study, the researcher makes use of the policy of "Restricting the Use of Plastic Shopping Bags and Disposable Plastic Tableware" as a case to survey the effect of marketing instruments of the policy implement through the populace's Views of point First, based on the historical documents to discuss the basic concepts and fundamental theories of the development of marketing, from the views of Business marketing, Social marketing to Policy marketing. Secondly, it is to understand how different the opinions and the attitudes of the populaces about RUPS BDPT are. Finally, based on the results of this study, the researcher submitted recommendations of improving the public policy to the government. The researcher used a research tools-questionnaire of the opinions, attitudes and satisfaction of the populace about the RUPSBDDT to survey the effect of diverse marketing strategies of the public policy. Data was statistically analyzed in methods like frequencies, percentages, T-test and one-way ANOVA, The major findings are as follow: 1. The Government should build a long-term, succeeding system to maintain the policy implement in spite of the administer alternation while the process of the policy implement. 2. To keep performing the succeeding propagandas on the purpose to educate the general public to be familiar with the policy. 3. Collaborating with other departments in the government to make sure of the success of carrying out the policy. 4. To consider the policy seriously strategies as one of the most important factors in carrying out a public policy. 5. Adopting high-efficient marketing strategies as models when carrying out the government’s public policy.
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