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Title: 眷村文化保存與發展之研究
Study on Military Community Culture Preservation and Development
Authors: 謝登旺
Hsieh, Deng-Wang
Cheng, Kuei-Hua
Keywords: 眷村
Military village
military village culture
rebuilding of military village
culture policies
culture preservation area
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: 「眷村」是台灣特有的聚落文化,是在當時的政治環境與時代背景的特殊歷史條件因素下所形成的群居型態,包容著來自大陸各地的族群、語言、生活、文化及宗教信仰,經過漫長時間的融合孕育,無形中塑成其獨特的生活方式,進而呈現出族群多元的面貌。它描繪出台灣歷史的變遷、社會的演進及多元文化揉雜的過程,也代表著各自獨特的地方紋理與特色,而眷村文化的發展,在近代台灣社會歷史演變過程中,扮演著重要的角色,那些用竹籬笆為建材圍成居住環境的眷村聚落,散佈在全省各地,因而孕育成獨特的文化,亦是台灣近代地方文化不可磨滅一環,這樣的文化是相當值得保存與維護。 隨著都市文明潮流之演進,配合政府都市更新政策,將老舊眷村拆除改建,而眷村文化就在這時代脈動的波浪中逐漸被淹沒消失,因此近年來眷村文化相關議題開始受到重視,各地也開始進行保存眷村並提出設立文化園區的構想計畫。 本研究係以「眷村文化保存及發展」為研究主題,根據研究內容蒐集整理相關文獻,藉由文獻回顧與理論加以分析探討「眷村」此一台灣特有文化,從其歷史沿革與演變過程中瞭解其文化意涵與保存價值、眷村改建背景與演進、國家文化政策發展、眷村文化政策之興起;另運用訪談與案例分析,瞭解國防部政策作法及眷村文化重構與發展-成立「眷村文化保存區」之執行現況成效,並對未來在文化保存的實務運作上,整合民間社群組織公私協力,配合都市產業發展與結合地方特色,提出適當之結論與建議以供參考。
“Military village” is the tribe culture peculiar to Taiwan formed under the special historic components of politic and time background. The villages contained the groups, languages, livings, cultures and beliefs originated from districts in mainland China. The prolonged integration and cultivation have shaped the unique living style imperceptibly and presented the essence of multiculture. The military village describes the process of transition of Taiwan history, progression of society and the combination of multicultures, which also represented the distinctive characteristics in each place. The development of military community culture plays an important role in development of social history in Taiwan. The military village surrounded by bamboo fences spread and located in places of Taiwan and thus formed the culture with specialty, which is also an indispensable component of contemporary local culture in Taiwan. The culture is worth preserving and maintaining. As the progression of urban culture, the aged villages are being demolished and reformed pursuant to the urban renewal policies of governments. The culture of military villages are gradually vanishing and submerging in the trend of time. Thus, the issues of military village are being valued in recent years and the plans of preserving the villages and formation of cultural park are being mapped. The study set the topic of “ Military Community Culture Preservation and Development ” and collected the relative literatures according to the research contexts to analyze and discuss “military village”, the particular culture in Taiwan, by literature review and theories. The culturalmeaning and preservation value, rebuilding background and evolvement of military village, development of national culture policies, rise of military village culture policies were realized by history and process of development. In addition, the policies and methods of Ministry of National Defense and rebuilding and development of military village culture – the outcomes of establishing “military village preservation area”, were acquired by interviews and case analysis to propose the proper conclusions and suggestions for future reference.
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