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Title: 印尼僑生之族群文化認同與來臺學習動機關係之研究
A correlation analysis between Ethnic Cultural Identity and Study Motivation of Indonesian Overseas Chinese Students in Taiwan
Authors: 楊聰榮
Yang, Tsung-Rong
Derni, Tantela
Keywords: 印尼僑生
Indonesian Overseas Chinese Student
Ethnic Cultural Identity
Learning Motivation
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: 本研究主要探討在臺灣就讀大學的印尼僑生的族群文化認同與學習動機的研究。依據族群文化認同以及學習動機的理論基礎,透過量化研究、進一步探究不同背景變項的印尼僑生的族群文化認同的情況和來臺學習動機的情況是否有所差異,以及其關聯性。為了達到以上的目的,本研究以在臺就讀大學和就讀僑生先修部大學做為研究對象,利用問卷調查法的方式,於2014年5月11日,發放問卷,其回收220份問卷,有效問卷是206份問卷。 本研究在族群文化認同所取得的結果是印尼僑生對中華文化的投入、文化歸屬皆達到中上程度,而且新一代的印尼僑生對兩種文化(印尼主流文化和中華文化)統合情形良好。來自不同地區、使用的主要語言、家庭語言,和華文程度、方言程度的印尼僑生,其對「文化投入」、「文化歸屬」有顯著差異。換句話說,若印尼僑生本身自己的華語或方言好,其族群文化認同歸屬強烈。但如果其對華語或方言不太好,其文化投入、和文化歸屬就不那麼強烈了。 針對學習動機,本研究發現不同背景變項的印尼僑生,對學習動機的各構面都沒有達到顯著差異。這表示大部分的印尼僑生來臺就學最重要的是為了個人未來的職涯規劃,提升自己的競爭力並進一步可以在社會上立足。今的印尼僑生,來臺就讀大學是為了外在的尋謀求職因素為主。 本研究亦發現族群文化投入對僑生來臺學習動機的關聯性有達到顯著關係。依據其研究發現,若要開拓吸引讓更多印尼的華人子弟來臺就讀大學,則可以透過印尼多華人的城市拓展學生來源、結合當地之華人社團推廣臺灣高等教育,透過它們的協助,能吸引更多的印尼華人願意將其孩子送到臺灣留學。 關鍵字:印尼僑生、族群文化認同、學習動機
Abstract This study aims to research the condition and the relationship of Indonesian overseas Chinese students’ ethnic cultural identity and learning motivation which are based on the theories of ethnic cultural identity and learning motivation and using quantitative research method. To achieve the goal stated above, we collected the data from the Indonesian overseas Chinese students who are currently pursuing their bachelor degree in Taiwan or still taking preparatory program in NTNU. The questionnaire investigation method was utilized in this research. The questionnaire which the overall sums of the collected data is 220 copies was distributed on 11th May 2014., and among these questionnaire, 206 effected copies were generated. The study indicates that the degree of Indonesian Chinese Overseas ethnic cultural identity of its cultural commitment, cultural affiliation is above the average. The cultural integration of new generation of Indonesian Chinese Student is good. Living in different city, the home-used language, the preferred main language, the fluency of Mandarin and Chinese dialect also play a role in their ethnic cultural identity degree. In other words, the better their proficiency in Mandarin or Chinese dialects is, the higher their ethnic cultural identity will be. As for learning motivation, the study finds that different backgrounds of Indonesian Overseas Chinese Students won’t affect any of the dimensions of learning motivation. Therefore, it means that the learning motivation of Indonesian Chinese students are similar. The most important factor to choose Taiwan is that they think Taiwan is an appropriate place to learn Chinese and to pursue their bachelor degree. In addition, it also can improve their working competitiveness, surviving in society, and being successful. In other words, the current Indonesian Chinese students coming to Taiwan is basically due to future employment. The study also shows that there is a positive correlation between their ethnic cultural identity and learning motivation in Taiwan. Based on the results, seeking for the assistance of Chinese Community in Indonesia to promote Taiwan high education will ease Taiwan government in attracting Indonesian students. With their help, we believe that more Indonesian Chinese parents will be willing to send their children to Taiwan universities or colleges. Keywords: Indonesian Overseas Chinese Student、Ethnic Cultural Identity、Learning Motivation
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