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Title: 部落格口碑資訊採用之研究: 以美妝部落格為例
The Information Adoption of Blog Word-of-Mouth: An Empirical Research of Cosmetic Blog
Authors: 王仕茹
Shih-Ju Wang
Chen-Yi Yang
Keywords: 部落格口碑
blog word-of-mouth
information adoption
product knowledge
opinion leadership
self disclosure
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract:   部落格本質上是個人傳遞訊息的平台,就像一本網路日記,可以用來記錄自身的感受、情緒和想法,也可以隨心所欲地表達個人產品經驗,近年已成為口碑傳遞的重要平台。因此,本研究將部落格作為口碑資訊網絡,研究範圍鎖定在美容彩妝為主題的個人部落格,是以Sussman& Siegal(2003)資訊採用模式為基礎,聚焦在個人專欄部落格的情境特性,探討搜尋者採用部落格口碑資訊的影響過程。   研究利用網路問卷調查收集資料,共回收350份問卷,其中有效問卷301份,並以LISREL作為資料分析工具。「資訊品質」、「可信度」、「產品知識」、「同質性」、「揭露深度」、「揭露準確性」為潛在外生變數,「資訊有用性」、「意見領袖性」、「親密感」、「資訊採用」則為潛在內生變數。   研究歸納幾點結論:部落格資訊有用性對資訊採用有正向影響;部落客意見領袖性對資訊採用的影響不顯著;部落客揭露準確性對親密感有正向影響,揭露深度對親密感的影響不顯著;搜尋者知覺與部落客同質性對親密感有正向影響;搜尋者與部落客的親密感對資訊採用有正向影響。   整體而言,本研究建議行銷人員必須小心部落客介紹產品的方式,一味地介紹商品內容或單調地呈現商品特性,或者強調其在特定產品類別的影響力,可能讓搜尋者有所顧忌。尤其,搜尋者知覺部落格資訊有用性是影響資訊採用的重要因素,並且愈讓搜尋者產生親密感的部落客所推薦的訊息愈容易被接受。因此可鼓勵部落客勇於揭露個人日常生活點滴或提供貼近需求的資訊,以及尋求與目標市場較為同質的部落客來提升口碑資訊的影響力。
  Blog is originally like the online diary that blogger can transmit information about his/her own feelings, emotions, thoughts and whatever personal product experiences. Recently, blog has been the important word-of-mouth platform. Therefore, this research views blog as the word-of-mouth information network. The research scope is the individual cosmetic blog, bases on information adoption model by Sussman& Siegal (2003), and focus on the contextual characteristics of enhanced column blog. This research attempts to understand the influence processes of blog word-of mouth adoption. This research surveys on Internet to collect data, receives 350 questionnaires, of which 301 valid, and statistic analysis tool is LISREL. The exogenous latent variables are “information quality”, “credibility”, “product knowledge”, “homophily”, “depth of self-disclosure”, “accuracy of self-disclosure”, and the endogenous latent variables are “information usefulness”, “opinion leadership”, “intimacy”, and “information adoption”. The results of this research are as follows: Information usefulness of blog word-of-mouth positively influences information adoption; opinion leadership of blogger cannot significantly effect on information adoption; accurate disclosure of blogger positively influences intimacy, and deep disclosure cannot significantly effect on intimacy; perceived homophily with bloger by seeker positively influences intimacy; intimacy can positively effect on information adoption. Overall, this research suggests that marketer have to be careful about the way of blogger introducing products. If blogger introduces products blindly, shows product characteristics monotonously or emphasizes his/her own influence on the specific product category excessively, seeker might have misgivings about the blogger’s recommendation. Especially, seeker perceives information usefulness on the blog is the important factor of information adoption, and seeker perceives more intimacy from blogger would accept the blogger’srecommendation easily. Accordingly, marketer could increase the word-of-mouth impacts by encouraging blogger to accurately disclose his/her own daily life, providing information close to seeker’s demand, and inviting the blogger similar with target market to recommend products.
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