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Title: Facebook行動影音廣告形式及廣告訊息框架對消費者廣告效果影響之研究:以餐廳廣告放送為例
The Effects of Video Advertising Formats and Message Framing on Facebook Mobile Advertising: A Case Study of Restaurant Advertising
Authors: 蔣旭政
Wen, Yi-Hsuan
Keywords: Facebook行動影音廣告
Facebook mobile advertising
advertising formats
360° video
message framing
advertising effectiveness
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: 虛擬實境的運用隨著科技及技術的發展擴展至廣告業,360度全向式影片為社群媒體廣告帶來新的樣貌。本研究旨在探討Facebook行動影音廣告中,廣告形式及廣告訊息框架的不同會如何影響消費者廣告效果。 本研究採用實驗法,為雙因子組間實驗設計(廣告形式:360度影片形式/一般影片形式,廣告訊息框架:正面訊息框架/反面訊息框架),共招募146位臺灣師範大學及淡江大學的大學生、研究生進行實驗。研究結果發現:(1)在Facebook行動影音廣告中,採用360度廣告形式相較於一般廣告形式產生較佳的廣告態度、品牌態度、點選意願及購買意願;(2)在Facebook行動影音廣告中,採用反面訊息框架相較於正面訊息框架產生較佳的品牌態度及購買意願;(3)在Facebook行動影音廣告中,廣告形式及廣告訊息框架的不同會交互影響消費者的廣告效果,其中在360度形式Facebook行動影音廣告中,採用反面訊息框架會比正面訊息框架引發消費者較佳的廣告態度、品牌態度及購買意願。 關鍵字:Facebook行動影音廣告、360度影片、廣告形式、廣告訊息框架、廣告效果
The development in the field of virtual reality changes the advertising industry, 360° videos make social media advertising much more variety. This study focused on how advertising formats and advertising message framing affect the advertising effectiveness of consumer in Facebook mobile advertising. By using a 2x2 Between-Subject experimental design, the research examines the effect between advertising format (360° video vs. non-360° video) and advertising message framing (positive vs. negative). A total of 146 college students and graduate students from Taiwan Normal University and Tamkang University participated in the project. The results indicate that: (1) In the Facebook mobile advertising, the 360° video leads to better advertising attitude, brand attitude, click-through intention and purchase intention than the non-360° video; (2) In the Facebook mobile advertising, negatively framed messages lead to better brand attitude and purchase intention than positively framed messages; (3) In Facebook mobile video advertising, the different types of advertising format and the advertising message framing have significant interaction effect in advertising effectiveness, in 360° video Facebook mobile advertising, negatively framed messages lead to better advertising attitude, brand attitude and purchase intention than positively framed messages. Keywords: Facebook mobile advertising, advertising formats, 360° video, message framing, advertising effectiveness
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