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Title: 探討新聞遊戲對閱聽人理解程度、認知與態度之影響—以馬來西亞文化為例
The Influence of Newsgames to Audience’s Understanding, Cognition and Attitude: Malaysia Culture as Example
Authors: 蔣旭政
Tosti Chiang, Hsu-Cheng
Loh Wah Fong
Keywords: 新聞遊戲
Malaysia Culture
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: 近年來赴台求學的馬來西亞學生逐漸上升,但馬來西亞文化於台灣而言是十份陌生,為營造更友善的環境及提升台灣民眾對馬來西亞文化的認識,本研究旨在探討不一樣的新聞文本是否能夠提升閱聽人對馬來西亞文化的理解程度、認知還有態度,此外也從中了解閱聽人的性別在不一樣的新聞文本下,何者對馬來西亞文化的理解程度、認知還有態度有較佳影響。本研究採取2 (新聞文本:新聞遊戲與網路新聞)x 2(性別:男性與女性)組間實驗,以瞭解何者新聞文本對閱聽人的理解程度、認知和態度有較佳的影響。 研究結果顯示,新聞遊戲比網路新聞對閱聽人的理解程度、認知和態度有較佳的影響。於性別而言,在理解程度上,男性比女性有較佳的理解程度;在認知上,女性比男性有較佳的認知影響;而在態度方面,女性比男性有較佳的態度影響。
Malaysian students had go to Taiwan for study was gradually increased recent years, but the Taiwanese is not familiar with Malaysia Culture. This study aims to explore which different news type are enhanced those Taiwanese into Malaysia culture’s understanding, cognation and attitude to create a friendly environment and raise the Taiwanese to know more about Malaysia culture. In addition, this study also found which news type will better influence their understanding, cognition and attitude of Malaysian culture if different about reader’s gender. An experiment with a 2 (news type: newsgames and online news) x 2 (gender: male and female) between-subject design was conducted to identify which news type have the impact on the reader's understanding, cognition and attitude. The experiment results show that newsgames a better influence on the understanding, cognition and attitude of readers compare with online news. In terms of gender, in understanding section, male reader had a better understanding compare with female reader; in cognition section, female reader had better cognitive effects than male reader; and in attitudes section, female reader had better attitudes than male reader.
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