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Title: 食安新聞報導原則之研究
A Study of the Reporting Principles on Food Safety News
Authors: 王維菁
Wang, Wei-Ching
Cheng, Yi-Wen
Keywords: 食安
food safety
reporting principles
public interest
Delphi methods
reporting during production test
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 食安事件是社會大眾(閱聽人)、媒體組織、政府單位三方須立即回應之議題,彼此相互建構與影響。而食安新聞之性質特殊,涉及民生、法律、醫學知識、公共利益等。因此食安事件爆發時,媒體須善盡公民責任加以報導。 本研究爬梳菸害新聞、災害新聞、醫療新聞、與科學新聞現存之報導原則,從中擷取若干以適用於食安新聞,進而訂定十二項食安新聞報導原則。研究結果顯示,台灣目前的食安新聞引用權威性消息來源的比例不高,大多客觀轉述,但以引號直接引述專家意見的現象並不多。此外,新聞少有交叉採訪,較無法確保數據可靠性。受害者採訪案例也不多,大多為1位或是引用網友留言意見。 以報導主軸觀之,台灣食安新聞最重視「消費者權益」,記者轉化相關知識亦以此方式轉化的比例最高。而台灣新聞媒體善盡社會責任,追蹤問題食品企業比例有64.3%,監督政府比例則有44%。 本研究以德菲法調查專家學者對食安新聞報導原則之看法。結果顯示,客觀中立、資訊來源、媒體監督等概念指標呈現高度一致,記者職(技)能轉化方面,德菲小組認為以「消費者權益」方式轉化為宜。另外,以「公共利益」導向為新聞排序優先性通過一致性檢定,惟「檢驗期間公開原則」研究者與德菲小組意見相左。
“Food safety” is the issue that society(audience), media and government should respond soon when it happens. Three of them constructs and influences one another . Besides, food safety news is special because it includes people’s livelihood, law, medical knowledge and public interest. Therefore, when food safety issue comes, media should take the public responsibility to report. The research has twelve reporting principles on food safety news which was extracted from smoking news, disaster news, medical news and science news. The result says that food safety news in Taiwan is objective but rarely quote authoritative resource, and rarely use quotation marks to quote professional suggestion. On the other hand, there is few cross-interviewing to get reliable data. The case of food safety victim is not common. Generally, there is one victim case in the news reporting or quote the sentence on the Internet. When it comes to reporting topics, the food safety news in Taiwan focus on ”consumer rights”. The common way journalists translate related acknowledge is also from consumers’ angle. In general speaking, the media in Taiwan is social-responsible. The rate of tracing illegal companies is 64.3%, and the rate of media-supervising on government is 44%. This paper uses Delphi method to investigate the academic suggestions on reporting principle of food safety news. The result has that the indicators of objectivity, resource, and media-supervising is highly consistent. The Delphi group suggests journalist to translate acknowledge from the consumers’ view. Besides, the Delphi group says that the reporting priority is public interest. Only the reporting principle of “reporting during production test” is controversial.
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