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Title: 女性時尚美妝網站整合行銷傳播模式應用---以FashionGuide網站為例
Application of integrated marketing communication theory on female fashion website---example of Fashion Guide
Authors: 胡幼偉
Hu, Yo-Wei
Kao, Yin-Yin
Keywords: 整合行銷傳播
integrated marketing communication
female website
big data
fashion guide
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 面對新科技的日新月異,消費市場急遽變化,傳統的行銷方式已不能滿足當前的消費型態。因此,如何運用整合行銷傳播理論增加企業的綜效是現今企業所要面臨的課題。有鑑於女性商業網站市場興起,本研究透過分析研究個案Fashion Guide華人女性第一時尚網站的整合行銷傳播策略,希冀能為學術界以及產業界提供不同面向的經營方式分析與討論。研究結果發現,Fashion Guide透過不同的載具交互運用,以及利用虛實整合的策略,使其能在眾多同質性網站中取得領先地位。並且,在整合行銷傳播策略的實施中,相較於其他部門,廣告部屬於關鍵的地位。而在其餘部門管理方面,則須讓每個部門保持緊密的聯繫。未來,企業則希冀藉由發展大數據行銷中的私人助理概念,在廣告面做到更精確的行銷,以及更完善的售後服務。
Face of evolution of new technology, capital market change rapidly. The traditional way of marketing is no longer satisfy the way we work today. Therefore, how to use the integrated marketing communication theory on real world is an important thing for the enterprise. Recently, female website is getting more and more popular than ever, so I choose this industry as my research topic to analysis it’s marketing strategy, hope to provide different aspect for people to discuss. The result shows by using multiple facilities and strategy of click and mortar makes Fashion Guide get the top position of the industry. And in the strategy, the most important department is advertising department, it controls andbalance other part of the company. For the future, Fashion Guide will use big data to get better performance on marketing.
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