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Title: 工作內容高原對職涯承諾的影響:自我效能調節效果之探討
The Moderating Effect of Self-Efficacy on the Relationship between Job Content Plateau and Career Commitment.
Authors: 林怡君
Yi-chun Jane Lin
Ya Sin , Li
Keywords: 工作內容高原
Job content plateau
Career commitment
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: 本文旨在探討自我效能為調節角色,在工作內容高原與職涯承諾之間的影響,對象為200位在職專班的學生。研究顯示,自我效能的確會調節工作內容高原與職涯承諾之間的關係。
Nowadays, due to flatter organizational structures, instability of economic environment, and downsizing policy, more employees have job content plateau.The study examines the effect of job content plateau and moderating effect of self-efficacy on the relationship between job content plateau and career commitment of business students in Taiwan. This study uses a paper-based questionnaire to collect with at least 200 business students. Confirmatory factor analysis, Sample descriptive statistics, correlation analysis, and hierarchical regression analysis were employed to analyze data by using the SPSS 18.0 and AMOS 18.0 in this study. The result indicated that there is a significantly negative relationship between job content plateau and career commitment. Besides, self-efficacy negatively moderates the relationship between job content plateau and career commitment. Specifically, the higher self-efficacy, the stronger effect of job content plateau on career commitment. The theoretical and practical implications were discussed in this study.
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