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Title: 語言管理於大學院校國際化的影響
The Effect of Language Management Practices on Internationalization Outcome in Higher Education Institutes
Authors: 葉俶禎
Rosa C. Yeh
Pin-Hsien, Ou
Keywords: 語言管理
language management
higher education institute
language barrier
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: 國際化的趨勢迫使台灣大學院校須採取相關行動回應國際化帶來的變化,而國際學生在大學國際化中扮演著非常重要的角色。語言是國際學生第一個會面對到的障礙(問題)。因此,本研究從語言的角度去看學校國際化並從其中找出台灣大學院校語言管理實務措施,此外,語言管理實務、國際化策略與國際化成果三者的關係亦是本研究的重心。首先以質化訪談找出語言管理實務清單並同時為量化問卷設計做準備,量化研究的設計是來自於文獻收集和質化訪談中而來。本次研究採用SPSS做敘述統計、相關與迴歸的分析。於研究的最後驗證語言管理實務、國際化策略與國際化成果三者關係十分顯著,另外亦整理出大學院校現行語言管理實務做法。
Due to the trend of internationalization, higher education institutes in Taiwan have been forced to take actions to respond. International students are considered one of the important elements in internationalization. Besides, language is the first barrier (problem) international students confront. Thus, this study sees school internationalization from a language perspective and aims to uncover the language management practices in higher education institutes of Taiwan. The relationship among strategy towards internationalization, language management practices, and internationalization outcome were investigated in this study. A qualitative study was employed to develop a list of language management practices in preparation of the quantitative study. A mail survey questionnaire was designed for the quantitative study by reviewing the literature and materials from interviews. SPSS was adopted as the tool to analyze data collected, including descriptive statistics, correlation and regression. The results support the study propositions on the significant relationship among strategies, language management practices, and internationalization outcome. The current status of language management practices in higher education institutes is also reported.
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