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Authors: 張媁雯
Wei-Wen Chang, Ph.D.
Vanessa Casey
Keywords: 工作壓力
Job Stress
Organizational Commitment
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: Job stress and employees’ commitment to their organization are growing concerns for human resources department, and it is important to be aware of employees physical and psychological well being. This study proposed a conceptual model aimed to predict teachers’ organizational commitment based on job stress and demographics. A pilot test was conducted to test the reliability of questionnaires adopted from previous studies on job stress and organizational commitment. The questionnaire was then issued to research subjects of one secondary school in Belize. The SPSS soft ware was used to analyze the data. To make comparisons, t-test and One-Way ANOVA were performed. The ANOVA (Scheffé) provided the mean difference in job stress and organizational commitment for the demographic variable. This made it clear for the researcher to identify characteristics of teachers that would create a higher probability for them to be stressed. Likewise the researcher was able to identify characteristics of teachers that would create a higher probability for them to be committed to the organization. The Pearson correlation was used to identify the relationship between variables. The linear regression was used to identify a more in-depth relationship between the variables. The findings of this study revealed that job stress hinders teachers’ organizational commitment. More specifically, role ambiguity has a negative relationship with affective and normative commitment. Role overload and role conflict both have a negative relationship with affective commitment. Independent sample t-test was used to compare means by school type; there were no significant difference with regards to job stress and organizational commitment level of the two groups. As for the demographic factors, the mean difference of job stress was significant between teachers working four to six years and those working above ten years.
Other Identifiers: GN0698860191
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