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Title: HR人員的核心職能與內部顧客滿意度的關係
The Relationship between the HR Core Competencies and HR Internal Customer Satisfaction in Taiwan
Authors: 張媁雯
Wei-Wen Chang
Ming-Yen Wu
Keywords: 人力資源人員核心職能
HR core competencies
HR internal customer satisfaction
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: 在這項研究中,五人力資源的核心競爭力 - 誠信和信譽,企業的知識,以客戶為導向,有效的溝通和戰略的貢獻被選為測試多少,他們可以有效地預測人力資源的內部客戶滿意度。中介作用的一個人力資源的核心競爭力 - 有效溝通的另一種關係 - 顧客導向和人力資源的內部客戶滿意度也測試。 開發了兩種尺度來衡量人力資源的核心競爭力和人力資源內部客戶滿意度,試做是為了完善這兩個尺度。項目分析,探索性因素分析,內部一致性,是實施測試的有效性和可靠性的尺度。相關,多元回歸,分層回歸和t檢驗分別實行之間的關係來分析核心競爭力的人力資源和人力資源的內部客戶滿意度。據證實,五個人力資源的核心競爭力作出積極貢獻的人力資源內部客戶滿意度和調解作用的有效溝通,以及核實。這一發現本研究強烈建議公司和人力資源專業人士關注於獲取並發展這五個人力資源的核心競爭力。
In this research, five HR core competencies – integrity and credibility, business knowledge, customer orientation, effective communication, and strategic contribution were chosen to test how much they can effectively predict the HR internal customer satisfaction. A mediation effect of one HR core competency – effective communication on the relationship between the other one – customer orientation and HR internal customer satisfaction was also tested. Two scales were developed to measure the HR core competencies and HR internal customer satisfaction, a pilot test was done to refine the two scales. Item Analysis, exploratory factor analysis, internal consistency, were implemented to test the validity and reliability of the scales. Correlation, multiple regression, hierarchical regression, and t-test were practiced to analyze the relationship between the HR core competencies and HR internal customer satisfaction. It was confirmed that the five HR core competencies positively contribute the HR internal customer satisfaction, and the mediation effect of effective communication was verified as well. The finding of this research highly recommends the companies and HR professionals to focus on acquiring and developing these five HR core competencies.
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