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Title: Person-Environment Fit and Its Affective Outcomes-NPO Participants in Taiwan as An Example
Person-Environment Fit and Its Affective Outcomes-NPO Participants in Taiwan as An Example
Authors: 賴志樫
Chih-Chien Lai
Avis Kai-Li Huang
Keywords: 個人與組織配適
person-organization fit
person-job fit
person-vocation fit
person-group fit
person-person fit
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: As non-profit organizations (NPOs) are constructed base on the integration of people and conceptions, and the participants of NPOs are not bounded to their organizations for economical reasons, there exists a difficulty in motivating workers to increase their operation effectiveness by compensation or performance appraisal systems, hence understanding the relationships between person and environment and their impact on affective outcomes in the workplace are often used as the solution for the assistance in increasing NPOs’ effectiveness. However, through the literature reviewed, the researcher found little studies discussed person-environment (P-E) fit in the context of NPOs, and in the limited studies found regarding P-E issues on NPOs had discussed mainly on the outcomes of person-organization (P-O) fit, person-vocation (P-V) fit, and person-job (P-J) fit, little dwelled upon person-group (P-G) fit and person-person (P-P) fit which are relatively blur areas that are less discussed but worth deeper exploration. The study set its research samples as NPO participants including both volunteers and employees in Taiwan, and established the research framework based on Jansen and Kristof-Brown’s (2006) research covering the foregoing five dimensions of fit, expatiated on the impact of diverse dimensions of P-E fit on affective outcomes by conducting quantitative approach. Research results of this study which can serve as important references to NPOs and their human resource professionals as well as recommendations for future research are provided.
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