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Title: 訓練職能與人力資源部門角色關係之探討:人力資源效能的中介效果
The Mediating Effect of the Perceived HR Effectiveness on the Relationship between Training Competency and the Perceived Role of HR Department
Authors: 林怡君
Yi-Chun Lin
Ren-Hong Chang
Keywords: 訓練職能
Training competency
Perceived role of HR department
Perceived HR effectiveness
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract:   生活在這個快速變化的環境裡,組織需要訓練來改善員工的技巧、態度以及動機進而提升整體績效。因此,對於人力資源部門來說,更需要確保人力資源人員的訓練職能來改善部門整體績效,進而提升整體部門角色。本研究之目的在於探討訓練職能、人力資源績效與人力資源部門角色三者關係。   本研究一共發送了765份的問卷,共有319份問卷回收,整體回收率達41.6%。研究資料使用SPSS 17版分析。研究結果顯示訓練職能與人力資源部門角色以及人力資源效能間有正向的相關性。此外,人力資源部門角色以及人力資源效能間也有正向的相關性。而人力資源效能則部分中介訓練職能以及人力資源角色的關係。
  Living in such a fast-changing environment, organizations need trainings to improve employee skills, attitudes and motivation to increase the overall performance. Therefore, as for the HR department, HR practitioners need training competency to increase their effectiveness so that the importance of department could become higher. The purpose of this research is to examine the relationship between training competency, the perceived HR effectiveness and the perceived role of HR department.   In this study, seven hundred and sixty-five copies of questionnaires were sent to the respondents. Three hundred and thirty questionnaires were collected. Eleven questionnaires were eliminated so there were three hundred and nineteen valid questionnaires. The final return rate was 41.6%. Data of the study were analyzed in quantitative method by using the SPSS 17.0. The results indicated that training competency was positively related to the perceived role of HR department and the perceived HR effectiveness.  Also, the perceived HR effectiveness was positively related to the perceived role of HR department. There was a partly mediating effect of the perceived HR effectiveness on the relationship between training competency and the perceived role of HR department.
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