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dc.contributorWei-Wen Changen_US
dc.contributor.authorHsin-Lan Wuen_US
dc.description.abstract現今人力資源流動情況普遍,在台灣亦同,尤其準教師於台灣本島因競爭激烈之故,不易找到正式職缺,越來越多的準教師願意至外島考取教師職缺,本篇研究即在探討台籍教師於金門的適應情況。雖然已有大量文獻研究外派人員的適應,但相關文獻並無探討台籍教師在金門的適應情形。 本篇論文主旨在檢視台籍教師之工作適應、心理適應、及一般性適應三大面向,其目的並希望能提供實用的資訊予現任台籍教師、金門中等學校的重要管理人員、及考慮於金門任教的準教師們。 本篇以質性研究作探討,對象為13位於金門各中等學校服務2至6年不等的台籍教師。研究方法包含深入訪談、實地觀察、與文件分析,研究進行時間超過一整學年。受訪對象表示,金門資深教師可享有較多實質權利、許多學校無職務輪調制度、當地人習慣透過人與人間的關係來解決事情,另外尚有許多台籍教師必須適應的情況。本篇研究給予校方最重要的建議為更加增加校內公平公正的風氣,以提昇教師們的向心力,亦能為金門創造更優質的教育環境。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractThe mobility of workforce is common. In Taiwan, people qualified as being teachers are hard to become formal ones due to intense competition of teachers’ entrance exams. Thus many of them choose remote islands of Republic of China to take teachers’ entrance exams. This research studied formal teachers from Taiwan now in Kinmen as they have experienced some cultural adjustments. Although a large number of literatures explore expatriate adjustment, none of the previous literature aims at exploring the adjustment issues of teachers from Taiwan in Kinmen. The purpose of this study is to examine the working adjustment, psychological adjustment, and general adjustment experiences that teachers from Taiwan have. It is hoped to provide useful information for incumbent teachers, administrators, or for people considering teaching in Kinmen. This study presents findings from the qualitative approach of the adjustment journey of 13 teachers who have spent 2 to 6 years in Kinmen. It involved methods of interviews, participant observation, and document analysis more than an academic year. There are some particular things that teachers from Taiwan need to adapt to. It was found that Kinmen natives elder teachers can enjoy more privileges in many ways, and no position rotation system in schools. Natives tend to use people relations to solve problems, and there are many other challenges that teachers from Taiwan discovered. A piece of advicefor schools in Kinmen is to build fairer environment in schools so to increase teachers’ coherence therefore being able to create brighter future for the education in Kinmen.en_US
dc.subjectcultural adjustmenten_US
dc.subjectteacher adjustmenten_US
dc.titleCultural Adjustment of High School Teachers from Taiwan in Kinmenen_US
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