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Title: 貝里斯中等學校校長對教師使用之激勵策略研究
Strategies Used by Principals to Motivate Teachers in Secondary Institutions in Belize
Authors: 張媁雯
Wei-Wen, Chang
Eleanor Elois Bodden Gillett
Keywords: 教師激勵因素
teachers’ motivation
secondary institution principals
motivational strategies
Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: Belize is a developing country in Central America and education is one of the main focus areas of the government of the country. As a result, the Ministry of Education has spent a significantly large amount of money to improve the education system in Belize especially on human capital. Within the educational system principals in secondary institutions perform a crucial role as a leader to their institution. One of role includes motivating the teachers which is fundamental to the development of education in Belize; this is a major concern for secondary institution principals as they make effort to develop strategies to improve their institution. Hence the purpose of the study was to investigate the strategies used by principals to motivate teachers in secondary institutions in Belize and to provide suggestions on how to address the issue of motivating teachers in secondary institutions to increase their performance in the workplace. Therefore a qualitative research approach was used to gather data on motivational strategies used by principals to motivate teachers in secondary institutions in Belize. A triangulation method was used and the chosen sample comprised of 14 principals, 12 teachers and one member of the Ministry of Education. Interview questions were formulated for principals and the member of the Ministry and an open-ended questionnaire was created to gather data from teachers. The data was collected, transcribed, coded, analyzed and summarized. The research findings revealed that there is great concern by principals for the lack of teachers’ motivation in secondary institutions; hence principals employed many strategies which included monetary and nonmonetary forms to increase teachers’ motivation to have a better performance in the workplace. However with all the strategies utilized by principals they are still faced with numerous challenges from teachers in getting them motivated. To overcome these challenges several forms of interventions are employed in solving the issue of de-motivated teachers. It is imperative to note that the findings are limited to secondary institutions in Belize and cannot be generalized to other leaders in education. However the information can be used as a meaningful basis for reference and guidance to members who have affiliation with the education system.
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