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Titel: 跨文化適應力檢核單:中文版信效度之研究
An Examination of Chinese Version of the Cross-Cultural Adaptability Inventory
Autoren: 張媁雯
Wei-Wen Chang
Ya-Ting Chuang
Stichwörter: 跨文化適應力檢核單
Cross-Cultural Adaptability Inventory
Translation Equivalence
Cross-Cultural Adaptability
Erscheinungsdatum: 2008
Zusammenfassung: With the tread of globalization, there is an increasing need to have an instrument to evaluate whether expatriates possess the necessary cross-cultural competence. Thus, the purpose of the study was to develop a Taiwanese version of the Cross-Cultural Adaptability Inventory (CCAI) by adopting back translation and examining the reliability and validity of the CCAI on Taiwanese sample. This study was based on a purposive sample containing 372 valid responses from three major groups: participants in the trade center of Taiwan, graduate students in the international trade/business master program in Taiwan, and trainees joining the Taiwan overseas volunteers orientation. A rigorous translation procedure with back translation, peer review, expert review, and pilot test as well as reliability and validity examination was conducted. The results were listed in the following: 1. Cronbach’s alpha coefficient for the scale, Personal Autonomy, was .55, below the standard .70. Besides, its composite reliability, .39, didn’t pass the suggested value ,.60, as well, indicating high measurement error variance. 2. The results of confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) indicated mediocre fit of the four-factor structure: RMSEA (.08), SRMR (.08), GFI (.70), CFI (.67), and NNFI (.66). 3. Five items of which t values were smaller than 1.96 indicated no significant relations between the measured variable and its corresponding factor. Possible explanations of the low reliability coefficient for Personal Autonomy and the mediocre fit were discussed. Also, the recommendation for cross-cultural research and the Cross-Cultural Adaptability Inventory were suggested.
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