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Title: 全球企業台籍經理人跨文化溝通之影響因素- 以趨勢科技公司為例
Factors Affecting Cross-cultural Communication of Taiwanese Managers in the Global Company- A Case Study of Trend Micro Inc.
Authors: 蔡錫濤教授
Shir-Tau Tsai
Joanne Wu
Keywords: 組織文化
Corporate culture
Multinational team
Cross-cultural communication
Issue Date: 2007
Abstract: 企業邁向全球化已是無可避免且急迫的趨勢. 國際間的緊密互動加速了企業對跨文化溝通正視及了解的必要性. 開放的組織文化與溝通將直接影響員工或經理人對多元文化的接受程度. 當經理人帶領多國籍團隊時, 如何適切運用跨文化溝通技巧, 讓團隊運作順利, 便顯的更加重要. 本研究以趨勢科技公司為案例, 探討全球型企業之組織文化與多國籍團隊結構對台灣籍經理人跨文化溝通模式之影響. 透過與八位台灣籍中階經理人深度訪談的方式了解其對文化多樣性之知覺, 在全球企業中面臨跨文化溝通衝突時如何解決, 以及公司提供經理人何種協助, 使跨文化溝通更加順利. 訪談前問卷亦被使用作為次要之研究方法, 以概略了解趨勢科技公司文化特質, 訪談者背景等基本資料. 本研究結果如下: 1. 組織文化開放性與環境的連結提供多國籍員工之跨文化溝通平台 2. 多國籍團隊結構刺激台籍經理人提高其國家文化知覺與跨文化溝通 技巧的需求 3. 公司資源如充足的溝通工具或上級之支持減少台籍經理人的跨文化 溝通障礙, 間接提升多國籍團隊之工作效率
This study was aimed at understanding the strategies of multicultural management and communication of a global corporation in the following three aspects: openness of corporate culture, multinational team structure, and company resources. Realizing the obstacles of cross-cultural communication to Taiwanese managers and how they solve the obstacles/ conflicts were also discussed in this study. A case study approach on Trend Micro Inc. was employed to collect research data as primary data resource. Interview with 8 mid-level Taiwanese managers were also conducted. Secondary data were collected from published books and related websites/ magazines. Pre-interview questionnaire was applied as minor research method, in order to understand interviewees’ background information, current stage of global diversity integration of the case company, and type of Trend Micro’s corporate culture. The research results of the study are: 1. Connection between corporate culture and open environment provides cross-cultural communication platform for multinational workforce. 2. Multinational team structure stimulates Taiwanese managers to enhance their cultural awareness and cross-cultural communication skills. 3. Company resources such as accessible communication equipments and support from top management positively reduce cross-cultural communication obstacles, which indirectly increase work efficiency of multinational teams.
Other Identifiers: GN0694740044
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