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Title: 台灣社福機構之志工留任因素探討
Factors Influencing Volunteer Retention in Social Welfare Institutes and Groups in Taiwan
Authors: 賴志樫
Chih-Chien Steven Lai
Yuan-Ching, Chen
Keywords: 志工留任
volunteer retention
organizational commitment
job satisfaction
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: 本研究之目的為探討影響志工留任因素,並採用組織架構中的個人、群體、組織之三構面分層探究各項因素。此研究中的參與者可分為兩種:一則為曾經或是現在服務於社福機構中達三年或三年以上的志工,二為曾經過是現在服務於社福機構終達三年或三年以上的志工管理、經理者。為求研究結果的多樣性與結果應用的普遍性,所有參與者分別來自不同的社福機構,並以結構式訪談得出較深入的訪談結果。此研究的結果貢獻於實務界中的志工管理相關議題。
This research aims to have a comprehensive investigation toward what are the factors influencing volunteer retention within organization. The adoption of organizational hierarchy included individual level, team level, and organizational level is adopted as the structure of this research. The participants in this research are divided into two categories; one is the volunteers who have been working in the same nonprofit organizations for three or more than three years, and another one is the volunteer administrators or manager who work with volunteers for three or more than three years. Multiple case studies approach was adopted in this research with the purpose of having abundant information from volunteers. In order to provide a general and helpful management guide for nonprofit organizations and social welfare institutes and groups in particular, the researcher chose over six organizations in Taiwan. This research is conducted through qualitative approach. The data is collected mainly from interview and document review. The findings of this study can be applicable to the people who making efforts on human resource management of nonprofit organization field and also dedicated to the people who devoted their time and efforts on doing voluntary job.
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