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Title: 台籍外派人員跨文化溝通面臨的挑戰與因應之道
Intercultural Communication Challenges and Responses of Taiwanese Expatriates
Authors: 賴志樫 教授
Dr. Chin-Chien Lai
Pei-Wen Kao
Keywords: 台籍外派人員
Taiwanese expatriate
intercultural communication challenges
intercultural communication responses
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: 在全球化的職場中,外派人員赴國外子公司管理正常運作或提供技術服務的機會與日俱增。由於日常工作中時常會面臨跨越文化和語言的藩籬,與不同文化背景的員工共事,成為外派人員工作中重要的一環。因此,外派人員跨文化溝通的能力逐漸受到重視,也被視為在國際商業環境中具有競爭力的象徵。本研究旨在探討台籍外派人員跨文化溝通面臨的挑戰與因應之道。資料的收集是透過深入訪談8位台籍外派人員而獲得。研究呈現台籍外派人員在跨文化溝通中面臨的挑戰,並進一步發現台籍外派人員因應挑戰的策略。
Within the globalization workplace, the growth of expatriates is sent to foreign subsidiaries to administrate regular operations or provide technical services. Expatriates have often confronted situations of traveling across cultural and linguistic boundaries, interacting with fully diverse people have become a daily task for them. As a result, the ability of managing intercultural communication has gained importance and regarded as an advantage for competitiveness in the internationalized business environment. This research seeks to investigate intercultural communication challenges of Taiwanese expatriates and their responses to challenges. An in-depth interview was used for data collection and data were collected from 8 interviewees. Research reveals Taiwanese expatriates’ challenges in intercultural communication, factors of resulting intercultural communication challenges are discussed and built connections with expatriates’experience, and further, findings comprise expatriates’ responses to intercultural communication challenges.
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